Go Fish Yourself

In true UA fashion we packed four days full of adventure in Colorado. Our road trip began Friday after work when we loaded four dogs and six humans and hit the road! Checkout Atlanta Monster if you like gripping true crime podcasts.  


We arrived at our happy place, Georgetown, Colorado around 2 am Mountain Time. We got our 2nd wind and celebrated our 9 hour victory with wine!   Saturday morning the pups hit the dog park and never looked back! 


We checked out so many breweries and recommend them all! 

Highside Brewery - Swim Beer Pils was yay....Chile Lime Pils was boo

Stein Brewing - Chocolate Milk Stout, Pecan Stout, Hefe

Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub - Maple Brown Ale

Westbound and Down - Porter, Hefe and Mexican Lager, the Mexican Lager was served in a huge cup :-) 

Hideaway Park Brewery - we liked all the beers, especially the Red Ale

Broken Compass Brewing Company - Coconut Porter per usual

Guanella Pass Brewery - Featured a Raspberry Blonde that was a perfect patio pounder, the Wheat and Saison are always our go to as well. 


Brian and Jamie met us from Colorado Springs. Sorry no pics of Jamie but Billy and Brian naturally posed for some high quality patio pics.  


The trip was planned around hiking and we did manage to get some hikes in. Colorado was hit with snow only a week prior to our trip out which is not common for this time of year. We hiked to Saint Mary’s Glacier which is beautiful. Many were hiking to the top of the glazier and boarding down, so epic. 

We took our mountain dogs to the top of  Chief Mountain  which was packed in snow and ice. Aside from not having stable footing for over two hours it was fantastic! The dogs loved the snow and had a blast owning this hike. The views again were amazing. 

We took our mountain dogs to the top of Chief Mountain which was packed in snow and ice. Aside from not having stable footing for over two hours it was fantastic! The dogs loved the snow and had a blast owning this hike. The views again were amazing. 


The snow has also put a little pep in Clear Creek. I don’t remember seeing the creek move as fast as it was this trip. The sound of the creek rushing by is one of my favorite features of Georgetown.


Another first for our group was checking out The Shaggy Sheep for lunch. We had attempted this stop during different trips out but it never happened. We were determined this time around! We all loved the featured wines, cocktails, and beers. The food was delicious and our server had amazingly perfect eye makeup and a shared love of apple empanadas. We passed the time playing Go Fish which was also quite enjoyable. 


What’s that you see? More hiking! We couldn’t be confined to the condo so we hit up our Wine Walk toting beers and took advantage of a doggie photo shoot. 


New shirt alert! UA is always looking to expand our wardrobe and we did just that with these super soft t-shirts from the soda shop in downtown Georgetown, CO. 


We can’t forget the best part of the trip was spent celebrating Leslie’s birthday. We always love hitting the mountains but it was a little more special this trip as we were able to pair Colorado shenanigans with birthday shenanigans. A winning combination! 


Cheers to trying new things, laughing until we got side cramps, and making many more memories. Girls Trip + Billy and Bobby and the dogs was a success! 


Rising from the Ashes

Andrea and I were out of town for Kristi’s birthday, so we had a belated celebration last weekend. Don’t worry, there was a party on her actual bday too. Everyone went to a favorite hangout, Grinders, for some patio fun! 


Our belated celebration we started off at BKS Artisan Ales in Brookside. Cool spot with good beers and a decent patio!


After a couple of beers, we went to Plate. This restaurant burned down last year and this was their reopening. They specialize in smaller plates and amazing pasta. Plate has definitely risen from the ashes!!


Saturday was spent cheering on Maureen at her dance recital!! We officially all want to be Maureen when we grow up!!


Post recital dinner at Waldo Pizza...we couldn’t be more proud!!! 


Sunday was a chore day. Kristi got to rock the power washer….heck yeah!


Have an epic weekend friends!


St. Lucia

We were due for an actual adventure so to start off our Birthday Quarter we grabbed our 11 best friends that anyone could have and visited the tropical island of St. Lucia.


The volcanic island of Saint Lucia is more mountainous than most Caribbean islands, with the highest point being Mount Gimie, at 950 metres (3,120 feet) above sea level. Two other mountains, the Pitons, form the island's most famous landmark. They are located between Soufrière and Choiseul on the western side of the island. Saint Lucia is the only island in the world that contains a drive-in volcano. Did you go to said volcano?? Yes we did! 


The highlight of our trip was a Land & Sea Excursion. We loaded up on a catamaran and sailed north along the west coast of the Island toward Soufrière. The sun was shining, the music was jamming, and we were being served a very special rum punch concoction. The plan was to sail towards the Pitons and snorkel at a white sand beach and a black sand beach. Our first stop was at Sugar Beach. Sugar Beach is a small white sand beach that is absolutely gorgeous. That is, if you are staying at the private Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort. We weren’t allowed on their white sand nor were we allowed to use their chairs, facilities, or basically even look in their direction. What we were allowed to use was about a 10 foot stretch of beach on the other side of the dock that was rocky and outfitted with about 4 broken chairs. Good thing we didn’t need their beautiful views - we were there to snorkel! Snorkeling at this spot was pretty good and we saw a vast array of fish and sea life. Stay away from the porcupine looking creatures! Next stop was supposedly the black sand beach but we had a hard time seeing it from the catamaran. We snorkeled off the boat at this spot and the water was much deeper. Highlight of this stop was that one of our crew members told us there were caves built into the rocks that we could swim into. All we had to do was wait for the waves to be at a certain height and then dive down and pop up in a tiny cave with enough room for 4 of our heads to breath. I was a little skeptic since the guide who was snorkeling with us didn’t seem to excited that the other guy told us about this spot. Next thing we know, Stephanie has dove down and is nowhere to be found. The guide took off after her and thankfully she found the cave on her own!! Once everyone else did this and didn’t die, Kristi joined in on the fun. It was a cool experience! Once we departed the catamaran in Soufriere, we hopped in a van and drove to our lunch spot. We have no clue where we were or what we were eating but the people were nice and the food was welcome after the long morning. Next stop - Mud Baths and Waterfalls!!


The waterfall was first and was a single, albeit beautiful waterfall. It looks so inviting and beckons you to stand directly underneath it’s glory.....then proceeds to beat the shit out of your sunburned skin. Not to mention is literally as cold as ice. Sooo we didn’t stay long at that spot. :)


The volcanic mud baths were a very interesting experience and were the opposite of the ice cold waterfall. This one scalded the crap out of our sunburns and was listed as 110 degrees but it felt like the sun! Now I know how Sebastian felt like in The Little Mermaid when he got put in the chefs pot. No pics of us slatgering mud all over our bodies and creating artistic designs in a lighter mud. These pics are “trapped” on a water camera so we’ll post a throw back with those at a later date.

There are so many activities to list but we’ll let the remaining pictures speak for themselves. It was such a beautiful, natural island not congested full of tourists it was like we had the resort to ourselves! Nothing overly fancy or delapatated.....it was in that sweet spot of we had everything we needed and did everything we could. Who knew we’d spends soooo much time on the kids side on the lazy river and racing down water slides?!?  It was rough coming back to reality but being trapped in a dream for 6 days was totally worth it! 


Until next time St. Lucia!