It’s Leslie’s Birthday!!


Birthday season is 3/4ths of the way over after this weekend. We started out at our very first blog post location: Louie’s Wine Dive for HH and stayed through dinner like champs! Thanks to everyone who came out. 


Saturday after Leslie and myself failed at Corporate Challenge flag football (we found a working pay phone and it only costs $1 to call Mexico for 5 minutes! Andrea/Michele you’re welcome) was a day of getting the pool ready for the many guests to come this summer at Andrea and Billy’s.  The water was super cloudy so we did our best to clear it up for the season and celebrate Les’s birthday simolutaniously. Luckily glamour shots ensued along with a wing off and a new watermelon, ginger mule that is ah-mule-zing! 


Don’t worry everyone Lacey promised me we’d go back to Mexico on 6/19/20 after 3 of us randomly used her and Corey’s wedding coozies at the same time. It was a sign and i’m glad she recognized it too! Sounds like Leslie's Bday/Lacey & Corey’s 5 year anniversary are all set so start hoarding vacation days now!!!


Summer is here yo, get your grove on and Happy Birthday Les is More!!!!



Last weekend, I got away with my fam to OKC. It’s the halfway point between KC and Amarillo. You may remember reading about Amarillo in Andrea’s fun recap of our recent trip.  

Bobby and I hit the road early on Friday so we could get in as much family time as possible.  

Caffeinated and ready to party! We met my parents at the tiniest burger joint called Nic’s. They only have a Facebook page, no official website, but people know about it! 

15 seats in the place with a line around the block- so it’s basically one in and one out all day. Get there early because they close at 2pm for the lunch rush!  Once you enter, you are greeted by one of the 2 guys working and they get you a drink and make sure you want the burger vs the special of the day.  Definitely get the burger!!  The burgers are everything you could want-griddle cooked, topped with cheese and grilled onions, and made to order! You can even add mushrooms, bacon (obviously-you add bacon), and jalapenos!! 

How do you even eat this thing?? With a fork!


What do you do after eating a giant burger, head to the house we rented and get in the pool of course!  My nephew had a blast playing! 


The sun went down and the kids went to what’s next?? My brother gave us poker lessons-let’s just say it’s a good thing we weren’t playing for real money!  Side note: I was being super classy and drinking wine out of this fun coffee mug!


The rest of the weekend brought more pool time (including some naps by the pool) and some Top Golf. 


Rounded out by a great family dinner at 1492 New World Latin Cuisine. The food was really good and they were so accommodating! 


Meanwhile here in KC, Maureen had a dance recital to show all of her hard work! I got to be there via FaceTime. We all crowded around my phone to watch her perform and she did not disappoint!  She did amazing!! 


Overall an amazing trip and I can’t wait to see these 2 kiddos again soon!  



UA Birthday Part Duex

That’s right, last weekend we celebrated our birthday girl Kristi with a VIP beergarden experience, some manual labor and a little sunshine! 

We kicked off our weekend celebration at KC Bier Company. The patio was hopping (wink) and we were lucky enough to have reserved tables placed in the shade. We enjoyed live music and a wonderful evening.   

 If you get to KC Bier Co early you get giant beers!!!  

If you get to KC Bier Co early you get giant beers!!!  

When we mentioned we had a reserved table were were not exagerating.  As the evening winded down some of the fellas were playing in the children's area...



Saturday morning UA had an elaborate plan to surprise Kristi by showing up at her house with champagne, brunch and plants to plant in all her outdoor planters.  Surprise!!!  Andrea unfortunately had to work last minute so she was only there poppin bottles in spirit.  

 Befor vs After

Befor vs After

Leslie slaving over the stove while Kristi and Steph were slaving over the plants.  Again, Andrea evading manual labor while 'working' in an air condistionaed office.  

 Well done ladies! 

Well done ladies! 

Once the surprise planting party wrapped up, Kristi, Steph and Andrea headed to the lake.  We are lucky that Kristi's mom, Carla, is so awesome and for some reason likes having us around.  She hosts large groups at her home at Lake Tapawingo where we swim, fish, boat, lounge, grill, and drink.  There are always lots of laughs and plenty of memories made.  Generally the last weekend in May the water is so cold only pups and children dare jump in, this year everyone was begging to get in the water to cool down!  Heatwave coming through!

 Sitting on the cock of the bay., watching the time tick away...

Sitting on the cock of the bay., watching the time tick away...

The sunset at the lake is pretty incredible.  We are fortunate to share these experiences together, adventures in our own backyard.  


From the UA crew we hope Kristi had a fantastic birthday weekend.  We love celebrating oneanother and birthdays are the best excuse of all to spoil eachother.  

 Stay classy Unfiltered Adventure

Stay classy Unfiltered Adventure

Clearly Kristi's birthday corresponds with Memorial Day weekend.  It is super convenient when her request is to celebrate at the lake for a long weekend.  It is important we also note the importance of Memorial Day.  While it is great to get a 3 day weekend and enjoy time with friends and family I was looking for some insight regarding the full meaning of Memorial Day.  I turned to a friend, ,Tarrah Speer Lee, as she stated it quite simply on her social media accounts.  

"Today we honor the fallen warriors who have given the ultimate sacrifice and have died for their country in active military service. It is not a day to thank those who served, rather, a day to remember their comrades who have fallen, to be grateful for those who gave their all, to say prayers for their families, to observe a moment of silence and to know that there are thousands of people who put their lives on the line daily for something greater than themselves.

So on this Memorial Day- it’s ok to spend time with family and friends and enjoy a long weekend- while also recognizing those who have lost their lives and the families they have left behind. They are the ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice."

 7,200 boots are on display at Fort Bragg from all branches of the military- each representing a fallen warrior. 

7,200 boots are on display at Fort Bragg from all branches of the military- each representing a fallen warrior. 

Thank you to all who have sacrificed for our country, because of these heroes we are able to live our lives filled with friends, family, and celebrations. 

Happy Birthday Kristi, we think you are pretty great!