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Last year the Royals were celebrating 50 season with a rally at Boulevard Brewing Company. This year the Royals are celebrating……….

Well, not a lot, but we still went to the rally to meet Whit Merrifield…I mean, he’s kind of good looking…if you’re into handsome athletes!


While we were there, we had our picture taken with some props, found a bbq fountain…yes, BBQ FOUNTAIN, and tried some delicious Boulevard beers. None of the new ones stood out as new faves, but we had a blast as always!


The Royals Rally was a great way to kick off the weekend. We continued celebrating by heading to the Crossroads District for a birthday celebration for our friend Michelle’s birthday. Michelle is one of our 12 best friends in St Lucia…still working on that post. Kristi and Steph are making it perfect!


Michelle and some friends decided it was too early for drinks and went to the Roasterie for a coffee tour on Saturday morning. The rest of us met up with them at Brewery Emperial for some lunch and drinks…the non-coffee kind. After lunch, we proceeded to make our way throughout the Crossroads district. It was definitely Beer Time!


Our next stop was Border Brewery and then we checked out City Barrel. City Barrel specializes in IPAs and Sour beers. These are not UA’s favorite, but we found something to drink!


After beer time, our next stop was Lifted Spirits Distillery. They have some great spirits and fun cocktails. We even took the tour and got to see how they make the various liquors. I guess that means that Michelle took 2 tours for her birthday!

Overall a great weekend hanging in KC!

Until next time friends! Cheers!


Who's up for some wild cow milking?

The recaps from our amazing trip to St Lucia and Andrea’s mission trip to Puerto Rico are coming…they take a little more time to put together. In the meantime, we came back from beaches and headed to the annual Saddle and Sirloin Ranch Rodeo.


Last year was the first year that UA attended. We were quite shocked to learn what wild cow milking entailed. Note: it is a team of 4 cowboys-1 ropes cow, 1 holds tail, 1 holds head, other milks cow. You do NOT want to hold the tail!! This year, we were a lot more prepared. We even dressed more like cowgirls this year.


Wild Cow Milking is still just as shocking, but this year the best part was the escaping cows! They kept jumping over the fence in the arena. Can you blame them?


After the rodeo, we headed to the club house to watch the derby and then delicious bbq and some dancing.


For a brief moment, Andrea reveled in her victory, but much like Maximum Security-it was quickly snatched away!


Our friends from last year were back again (hey AJ!), so everyone jumped on the dance floor for some two stepping. Bill and Maureen usually steal the show, but this year-Andrea’s niece and nephew were the stars!


Sunday was Cinco de Mayo…aka the day Americans drink cervezas and pretend to speak Spanish! Taco and Sombrero Hats are a must!


Travel recaps coming soon…until then, enjoy this picture of the Pitons in St Lucia.



UA walks into a dog park, parlor, shack, and winery...

UA walks into a dog park, parlor, shack, and winery...what ensues is a great weekend! A handful of us had Good Friday off, so we grabbed our pups and headed to Bar K.

Bar K Group.JPG

It also happened to be Newman’s first birthday! Can you believe how much he’s grown since we first met him?


Bar K is awesome. It is a big park where the pups can run around and play. They have amazing attendants that help monitor and clean up, so you are free to enjoy a drink, relax inside or out, and your pup can have a great time too! Thank goodness Newman brought yellow bandanas for all of his friends. It made the pack easier to spot!


While the pups were playing, the adults were too. We had one minor mishap when Kristen got taken out by a rogue wrestling match. Luckily, she’s okay-nothing a little tequila and ice can’t fix!


Part 2 of our Good Friday birthday bonanza was an outing to celebrate Stephanie’s upcoming birthday. KC Celebration!

We headed to a new place in town called Parlor. It’s one of those fancy food halls that are popping up everywhere.

The cocktails were really good. Many of us opted for the Lady Killer-a dangerous cocktail that tasted like strawberry lemonade. They also had some other cocktails with fun names-Hold me closer Tony Danza was another fave…obviously you must sing that order!!

They have so many food choices. Mother Clucker for some delicious Nashville-style chicken and Karbon for some Yucatan style street tacos were the crowd favorites.


After our quick photo shoot and trying all of the foods, we head to Double Shift Brewery for brews and balloon volleyball. Turns out that adults like balloons too! Especially when they glow in the dark….


Last stop-because why not? International House of Beer! Fun fact-Kristi and Stephanie climbed Mt Kilimanjaro years ago and found this Tusker beer. It is hard to find in KC, so they were super happy to find one here. They are getting a new shipment soon, so go try it for yourself!!


Most people recover after a late night out….not us! We were up bright and early to celebrate our friend Krystal’s bachelorette party. The day started with brunch at The Shack. This is also where many of us learned how to spell her future last name! Przybylo…it’s hard to place the y’s!!


Brunch = breakfast + drinks!!


After breakfast this crew loaded up a trolley and heads to Paola KS (we didn’t know where it was either) for some winery exploring!


First stop was the New Lancaster General Store. They have boozy slushies and of course wine…and all of the knickknacks you could ever want or need!


Gloves, cat ears, and a sash…perfect Bachelorette outfit! This girl looks ready to be married!

We had so much fun on the trolley and at the wineries! The KS wine is questionable, but we found some favorites at every winery! Nighthawk Winery was packed, but we were welcomed and treated to a tasting. They even came out to our table so we could soak up the sun!


Krystal and Lacey even got to go out on a horseback ride through the winery. There is no sobriety check to ride horses… Thank you Isinglass Estate Vineyard & Winery for the great entertainment, cool atmosphere, and great service. This winery is a family run winery where everyone is welcome!

This pic is from the last winery…we made it! Somerset Winery was the last stop and by far my favorite. The best wines (and not just because it was our 4th winery…well, maybe??) and Cindy, the owner, is so great!


We didn’t want the party to end, so we tailgated the parking lot when we got back to KC. Doesn’t everyone do tailgate empty parking lots?


Big adventures coming up….stay tuned!! Make sure you follow us on our new Instagram (@unfilteredadventurekc) and Snapchat (unfilteredadven) to see what we are up to!