Hello 2019

The last post of 2018 concluded by saying, “As this year comes to a close I absolutely cannot wait for the new year to come and the adventures that we have in store!”

I couldn’t agree more. 

We rang in the new year together playing ridiculous games and toasting champagne.  


The exciting thing about a new year is you really don’t know what it will bring.   As long as we have UA I know it will be a year full of positivity, support, and I think we will have a little fun along the way. 


Cheers to new laughs, adventures, and Brad. 

Yay 2019! 


That’s a Wrap!


My favorite thing about the end of the year is all the lists that come out: most binged series, most liked photo on Instagram, etc. As I look back at all our posts this year I can’t help but smile and reminisce. Axe throwing, 2 rodeos, hanging with celebrities, pool time, Aruba, California, Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Oklahoma City, Texas, Vegas, tarot card readings and a partridge in a pear tree were just some of the highlights. 

With such an expansive list of things we did this year I think my favorite thing is how our friend group continues to come together and still “like” each other. We may not be going on the Bucket Lust (please start watching Unanchored on Bravo) together but I consider myself a very lucky person! To each of you who have hung out with any of us bloggers this year I can’t say enough about how much we value your friendship, time, humor and honesty. Without you we wouldn’t be us and we thank you for that.

As this year comes to a close I absolutely cannot wait for the year to come and the adventures that we have in store! Everyone get your passports renewed and your livers in check because it should be another great one! 2018 out!!

 - Steph



Last week was fun. Our friend Maureen invited Andrea and I to Saddle and Sirloin for ladies lunch. We had a blast as always and love spending time time Maureen and Jill! 


Friday called for cocktails at a favorite! Extra Virgin!!  


Bobby and Leslie headed to the plaza for some lights. A KC tradition.  


We thought we were going to KC Wine Co for cookie and wine. Turns out there was music bingo and music bingo is a blast!!! 


I went up to the front to win the group extra cards and obviously failed! My hands are in the “I don’t know” position so that can’t be good! I got out in round 1. 


Overall, fantastic time! Pretty sure we had all the fun!!  We sang the songs and laughed the most!


Until next time!


We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!