Beware of Irish Pirates

As March 17th approached I found myself wondering, who is St. Patrick.  

Naturally I turned to Google to find the answers I was longing for. Google led me to USA TODAY where I was delighted to learn a little more about St. Patrick.  For instance, St. Patrick was not actually Irish. He was a nobleman born in about 400 A.D. in Britain and kidnapped by Irish pirates at the age of 16. 

Can you believe it?  Just a kid, kidnapped by Irish pirates.  In my version the pirates must have felt bad for kidnapping St. Patrick, in an effort to ease the guilt they introduced him to Irish stout.  I bet the first time he tasted the stout he shouted, "Goooodness", which over time, as pirate stories often do, evolved into Guinness.  

Speaking of Guinness, Americans drink about 600,000 pints of the Dublin-based beer daily. On St. Patrick's Day, about 3 million pints of Guinness are downed, according to that USA TODAY story I mentioned earlier.


Now you are probably thinking, get on with it, tell us about your night of pub crawls drinking green Guinness.  Well, that wasn't exactly what went down.  We opted for a fancy St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Michael Smith Restaurant enjoying a 5 Course Meal paired with The Rieger specialty cocktails, bagpipes, and incredible bread and butter.  The bread was delicious.  We arrived at Extra Virgin with plenty of time to grab a cocktail in the bar before the festivities began.  

Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey Glazed Oyster

Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey Glazed Oyster

Local Beet Salad

Local Beet Salad

As we were escorted to our table we were welcomed with a Red Right Hand Cocktail paired with Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey Glazed Oyster.  Why not start things off with one of the most delicious offerings of the evening?  The oyster was so good.  Kristi even ate it, it was her first oyster!  The cocktail was prepared with Rieger's Midwestern Dry Gin, lemon, beet shrub, and apricot.  It was sweet yet satisfying.  

The Red Right Hand cocktail was also paired with the Local Beet Salad.  The salad was unique, and unlike any salad I have tasted before.  The salad featured smoked trout, pickled mustard seed and dill. Leslie isn't into smoked fish so unfortunately she wasn't a super fan of the trout.  Hey you can't win them all!  Local Beet Salad pictured below. 





Once everyone had a happy plate the salad plates were removed.  Next on the menu, Dublin Lawyer On Rice.  A contemporary twist to traditional Irish fare, this dish featured Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey, rock shrimp, and jasmine rice.  I really enjoyed this course and it paired well with The Garrison; Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey, Luxardo Sangue Morlacca, Peychaud's Orange Bitters, and Bubbles. 

Yay bubbles!  Yay shrimp!  



Dublin Lawyer on Rice

Dublin Lawyer on Rice


While everything was wonderful leading up to the main course, what happened next was nothing short of a Leprechaun finding their pot of gold.  Imagine our delight as we were served the Braised Irish Lamb.  Just look at it.  The meat was so tender.  It literally fell off the bone.  We could have eaten the lamb with a spoon but that would have been weird.  The lamb was served with cabbage and yorkshire pudding.  Right?  Is your mouth watering yet?  This was Steph's favorite course, if I remember correctly it was everyone's favorite course.  The lamb was paired with The Shelby Company Limited Cocktail.  Imagine Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey, Spanish Sweet Vermouth, Ango, and absinthe.  Yes, absinthe.  This cocktail was dangerous.  I don't recommend drinking more than one of these.  Like I always say, drinking absinthe in large quantities is just asking to wake up in a bathtub missing vital organs.  (I have never actually said that).


Braised Irish Lamb

Braised Irish Lamb


Now for the grand finale.  Of course we had to have some Guinness, in honor of St. Patrick and all.  Bring on the Chocolate Guinness Cake served with Rieger's KC Whiskey Ice Cream.  The only complaint was there wasn't more ice cream.  Now for the best cocktail of the night.  The Irish Egg Cream which featured Rieger's Premium Wheat Vodka, Caffe Amaro, Guinness, and chocolate.  Yes. Yes. And Yes. 

If you have never attended one of Chef Michael Smith's event dinners we highly recommend you make a reservation today.  You really can't go wrong!  


Chocolate Guinness Cake

Chocolate Guinness Cake

What a fantastic evening!  We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.  We even manage to keep up with NCAA March Madness scores, how else could we confirm all of our brackets were busted!


Sunday morning we all headed to Kemper Arena where everyone was volunteering at the Great Plains 10K.  Some of us had duties at the finish line, others were assigned intersections along the course, and Leslie volunteered to run!   Do you see all of the cars we had to hold off?  This was such a stressful post!  It was our responsibility to make sure none of these cars accidentally drove onto the course.  Mission accomplished.  

After the race we headed to a new restaurant, EJ's Urban Eatery, to score their Southern influenced brunch.  This West Bottoms gem is a must try if you love yourself at all.  The Bloody Mary's, margaritas and mimosas were on special with brunch.  The concept is a Meat and Three which apparently is very common in the South, but it was new to me.  What is the Meat and Three?  Think affordable and customizable meals that are delicious.  Sign me up!  



I went all in and ordered the Breakfast Ribs, fried green tomatoes and spicy creamed corn.  I couldn't have been happier with my selections.  Everyone loved their food, the service was friendly and the family style seating was inviting.  We will absolutely be back to EJ's!  

I'm sure St. Patrick is smiling down on us sipping on his Guinness.  




Colorful Colorado

This week we are missing our Happy Place so let’s take a look at some of our favorite memories and recommendations straight from The Rocky Mountains to you! Start channeling your inner John Denver now. 


We can all agree hiking is a must while visiting Colorado when snow is not an obstacle. Unfiltered Adventure plus Maureen enjoyed a leasurly hike near our condo in Georgetown. We went for Silver Creek Trail and snapped some selfies along the way.  It was fairly easy and we could all do it together! 


Leslie went on a family trip to Steamboat Springs where she and her husband Bobby hiked until they ran out of trail.  It was a little challenging in some spots, but not too tough. They appreciated the great views of the waterfalls the whole time! This was a beautiful hike! 


The Breon family ventured out to Georgetown last summer, Silver Dollar Lake Trail was a must when we learned our parents wanted to hike. This trail is gorgeous, in fact it kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings minus the hobbits.  The final stretch to the highest lake is a doozy, but the rest is pretty easy going.  I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to hike. 


When you are up for a challenge you will want to tackle an infamous Fourteener. Colorado has 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet (known as fourteeners or 14ers to the locals) — the most of any state. Coming from Kansas the elevation is breathtaking. The hike itself is challenging but when you can’t breath while hiking up a mountain things get really interesting! I enjoy stopping every ten steps to gasp for air while a local 9 year old child sprints past me unphased...and barefoot. Coloradians right? My favorite 14er (yes I’m using the slang of the locals) I have hiked is Mount Bierstadt which is located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It was challenging but lush and green which in my opinion provided more pleasing scenery than Quandary Peak which seemed to be primarily bare trees and boulders. Quandary Peak is the highest summit of the Tenmile Range in the Rocky Mountains of North America. 


Hiking generally segways to a brewery. Staying hydrated is important! Broken Compass Brewery was recommended by a long haired fella in a random ski shop in Breckenridge who was quite fond of the word dude. We love everything about this local hangout - the decor, coconut porter, the dogs, and the people! Thanks for the recommendation, Dude! 


Guanella Pass Brewery is fairly new to Georgetown, CO and obvi it’s a great addition. We love relaxing on the patio nestled at the foot of Guanella Pass. Try one of our favorite beers, a roasty, bold stout with hints of chocolate and coffee courtesy of the roasted barley and dark chocolate malt. 

Leslie recommends Butcherknife-Steamboat claiming it was one of the coolest breweries in Steamboat.  Really friendly and TONS of beers to choose from. Must be good beers if she sampled approximately 12 of them, nobody is doubting that estimate! Great place to “rehydrate” after a hike!


Dillion Dam Brewery was discovered on one of our first girls trips to Colorado.  Great place to chill on the patio. We personally loved Sweet George’s Brown.


Mother’s Saloon - remember when we went there??  Checkout our blog post from that adventure!  

The picture says it all... 


Downtown Georgetown is a place where everyone can find themselves enjoying the simplest things.  It is quaint and the shops are cute and fun to explore.  Georgetown Valley Candy Co is a must stop for ice cream and an assortment of handmade candy. You must grab brunch at The Happy Cooker and a fresh Paloma at Lucha Cantina.  Also, the lake and Clear Creek are peaceful and surreal. How lucky are we to wake up to the soothing sounds of the water every morning to start our vacation days? We enjoy exploring and walking around the water. Oh, yeah and we can’t leave out Coopers on the Creek, we love sitting outside over the Creek trying new beers!

Colorado + Snow + Mountains = Snowboarding. Well at least snowboarding lessons! Leslie and I “boarded” (if you can even call it that) at Arapahoe Basin - Checkout that blog post  here: 


Kristi and Steph have more experience on us and pretty much shred the mountains.  Props to Billy who is pretty good on a board, at least Kristi and Steph say he is.  I sure hope so, he better be good to justify this outfit. 


Not up for hitting the slopes? No problem. Checkout Fat Tire Biking - we had a blast riding the bikes, even if we turned into a slow and cautious old lady while the boys barreled through the terrain!  The guide called it a little intense, and we would call riding by a river and embankment a little intense too.  Best part was riding through a wedding photo op!  Sorry bride and groom!

You guys, we can’t forget to mention the epic day we stubbled upon a Burro Race. Oh my gosh, it was a glorious demonstration of stamina and stubborness! 


What’s that you say? Burros aren’t your thing? So you are more into the urban scene, well no problem. Have you heard of a place called Denver?

Highlands  is a very cool neighborhood close to downtown - Checkout Linger  which has an awesome rooftop bar and some interesting food options.  Fun fact-it used to be a mortuary! Creepy! Also check out Williams & Graham .  It is a very cool Speakeasy type bar where you enter through a bookshelf. Say what?!? A hidden passageway? Just make sure Colonel Mustard isn’t in the dining room with a candlestick. 


They serve a gin cocktail that rivals the Beautiful Red Bell at Manifesto in Kansas City! Denver offers a huge variety of restaurants, bars, and shopping. What’s not to love? There are also amazing hats which are on trend and even encouraged when adventuring. 


We may explore beaches, wineries, Vegas and our hometown of Kansas City but our cozy condo tucked away in the mountains is always going be at the top of our favorites list. 


Kristi says her favorite thing of all is, “the fact that the Daniels open their condo to us without a bat of an eye.  Their love for Georgetown is contagious and you can see how important the town is to them.  I love travelling there with Maureen because it seems to be her happy place and she loves to share that with others - which in turn makes it our happy place too.”

I couldn’t have said it better Kristi!

Only 112 days until we are back in our Happy Place!  



Hooray for Dre Day

Friday night some of us were feeling like a good ol' fashion dance party.  As we all know, dance parties are synonymous with the Power & Light District.  Get out of the way barely 21 year olds, your twerking is so passé.  We are into Retro Surf...Retro Dance...Retro Cool...obviously that equates to Shark Bar

Shark Bar is the home of the endless summer and brings the endless party.  From Nude Beach Tea's and Bikini Cooler to Shark Bar’s signature beach pail punch, you pick your libation to unwind and hit the beach.  Friday and Saturday nights the beach heats up with the greatest retro dance music this side of the North Shore. There was literally no better way to celebrate Dre Day! 

Celebrating Dre Day

Celebrating Dre Day

The birthday girl and a few other brave souls stayed out until nearly 2 am, proving they've still got it! No members of Unfiltered Adventure were awake at 2 am. 

Party Animals!

Party Animals!

Hey Ladies!

Hey Ladies!

Saturday offered so many options we decided to divide and conquer to maximize our adventures!  

Stephanie headed to Atchison, Kansas to check out the Amelia Erhert Festival, an air show, margaritas and live music. Oh and she put her house on the market and sold it in a matter of hours. 

Stephanie headed to Atchison, Kansas to check out the Amelia Erhert Festival, an air show, margaritas and live music. Oh and she put her house on the market and sold it in a matter of hours. 

Kristi went on her annual family trip to Bennett Spring State Park, can you say Trout Country!?!

Kristi went on her annual family trip to Bennett Spring State Park, can you say Trout Country!?!

Leslie and Andrea tried some new dranks, had a Moscow Mule and feasted on deliciously grilled  medium rare filet mignon like a couple of Queens. 

Leslie and Andrea tried some new dranks, had a Moscow Mule and feasted on deliciously grilled  medium rare filet mignon like a couple of Queens. 

You may recall Friendship Brunch was hosted at Summit Grill earlier this year. It was so delicious Dre decided to grab 21 of her favorite friends and round out her birthday weekend with bottomless mimosas and satisfying comfort food.


Bottomless mimosas indeed.  The Summit Grill wait staff is extremely optimistic, no glass was ever half empty.


I highly recommend the Jalepeno Cheddar Grits in a Jar. Allow me to elaborate, the grits were topped with thick-cut Nueske's bacon, Fritz's sausage and soft poached eggs.  Thank you Summit Grill. 



No poison injections this week, just good clean fun!