The one with Thundergong!


This weekend we watched movies, tried new restaurants and went to a charity event. Saturday afternoon we tried a newer restaurant on the Plaza called The Oliver. It’s supposed to be a refined version of an American Tavern. What was it really? On the weekends it’s a breakfast place until dinner time. I don’t know about you guys but when I go somewhere nicer for lunch I want, you know, lunch and not eggs. The Pork Nuggets we got for an appetizer were on point though! 

Next we headed to the movies since it was raining to check out A Bad Moms Christmas. It was so funny and you certainly didn’t need to see the first one to enjoy this one. Since the rain was still coming down after the movie we headed over to Brio for an after movie drink. Just look at these Carmel apple cider martinis! Delish and yes we ate the apple slice and may have licked the Carmel out of the bottom of the glass. 


You know when you see a movie in the theater and come across a preview of a movie you really want to see? Well that happened. We all really want to see Daddy’s Home 2 but none of us have seen the first one. A corrective action took place next. Everyone grabbed wine, husbands, family, cheese, wine and a copy of Daddy’s Home. It was pretty good so we’re planning to see the next one soon. I know right, we’re crazy like that!

Sunday evening Kristi had plans with her mom so Leslie, Andrea, my sister Mariah and I headed to a charity event called Thundergong. We started the evening by trying a restaurant right across the street called Krokstromm Klubb & Market. They serve Scandinavian comfort food.  The food was decent and the atmosphere had cool vibes. 


Next is was on to Thundergong! It’s a benefit concert for Steps of Faith Foundation:

Steps of Faith reconnects amputees to their communities, families, and workforces by relieving the financial burden of prosthetic care.

The concert was put on by Jason Sudeikis and “friends”: Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Wynonna and tech n9ne were some of the big ones! We danced, drank some wine and laughed. What a fun night for such a good cause. Here are some pics from the night, enjoy!



Speakin’ bout a Hallow Good Time!

When a friend uncovers a cellar in her yard and her husband has a birthday around Halloween you get a Roaring 20‘s Halloween Party. Shauna and Michael always throw a good Halloween party but when they stop believing homeless people live in the scary cellar on their side lot and clean it up...things get swanky! What a transformation it was! 


Prohibition? Never heard of it! There were plenty of drinks, candy cigarettes and cigars to go around! If you haven’t had the “Newton” before you totally should. It’s Spiced rum, pineapple juice, and ginger ale! 

Andrea came to part and make a little coin. 

Andrea came to part and make a little coin. 

Party shots...

No photo booth needed, it’s the 20’s! 

No photo booth needed, it’s the 20’s! 

check out the chaps....looking good boys. 

We’re just here and kick ass and drink moonshine. Looks like we’re almost out of moonishine.....

We’re just here and kick ass and drink moonshine. Looks like we’re almost out of moonishine.....

Cellar 71 in all it’s glory! Who knew it was so cute! 

Janelle totally dressed up and didn’t drink. 

Janelle totally dressed up and didn’t drink. 

Great times we’re had by all. I’m just sorry I didn’t have any of the big group photos!  We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and we’ll catch ya next week.

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