Almost a year ago we did a random quiz for the blog. You can find our hilarious answers here. Since last weekend mainly consisted of breaking in the Big D Pool and Father’s Day, I thought we’d close out the week with another quiz. So, let’s get to it!

1.  What's the best thing that happened to you this month?  

Kristi - The Colorado trip!

Leslie - Birthday Trip!!!  We had a blast in Colorado and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate.

Steph - I got to actually go hiking in Colorado!

2.  What is your favorite game? 

Kristi - Go Fish!

Leslie - Board Game: Monopoly; Phone Game: Candy Crush; Sports: I guess volleyball even though I keep getting worse and worse!

Steph - Cards = Blackjack, Board game = Monopoly, Drinking = Jackson 5

3.  What's your favorite non alcoholic and alcoholic beverage? 

Kristi - Non alcoholic is water. Alcoholic is wine and Corona Refrescas right now - the coconut one!

Leslie - Non alcoholic….hmmmm…I mostly drink water and add crystal light.  Alcoholic-Wine

Steph - OJ & Wine

4.  What's your favorite movie? 

Kristi - Camp Cucamonga (always and forever!). Definitely NOT any of the old Academy Award winning movies Stephanie makes us watch.

Leslie - Ohh…hard one.  I’m not a huge movie person.  I don’t watch stuff over and over.  I guess Lion King and Mary Poppins.

Steph - There are so many but Goonies is near the top.

5.  What is something you can't do?  

Kristi - Carry a tune

Leslie - Sing, dance, roll my R’s

Steph - Tap Dance

6.  What makes you laugh no matter what?

Kristi - My best friends

Leslie - *apparently nothing as she didn’t answer this one!!*

Steph - Colorado Billy

7.  Must have purse item? 

Kristi - Wallet and chap stick

Leslie - Sunglasses

Steph - Chap stick

8.  How do you start your day? 

Kristi - Shower even though I hate showering

Leslie - Coffee

Steph - Wishing I could sleep more.

9.  Would you live anywhere besides Kansas? 

Kristi - I could live in Colorado and anywhere tropical with a white sand beach

Leslie - I would like to live in Colorado or a beach

Steph - Of course!

10.  It's brunch!  What do you eat? 

Kristi - Usually an omelette or hash of some sort

Leslie - Mimosas!  Oh, you said eat.  I usually choose simple eggs, bacon, toast – boring breakfast

Steph - Steak & eggs baby!

11.  Where was the best vacation you have ever taken? 

Kristi - Ireland, Dominican Republic, Africa, St. Lucia, I could go on and on!

Leslie - I have a few.  1. Playa del Carmen with my family   2. Dominican when we stayed at Hard Rock (and didn’t die or get sick)  3. Lacey’s wedding when everyone went…minus the hurricane part

Steph - Africa!

12.  What is something you are tired of? 

Kristi - Working

Leslie - Not being retired

Steph - Working

13.  What do you do on a rainy day? 

Kristi - Procrastinate cleaning the house with reality TV

Leslie - Binge watch Netflix…usually terrible shows!

Steph - What do I want to do? Read. What actually happens is another thing entirely.

14.  What is your spirit animal? 

Kristi - Monkey

Leslie - Giraffe-tall and clumsy

Steph - Giraffe

15.  First celebrity crush? 

Kristi - Jason Priestly. Wednesday night was always 90210 and family night in my household! I also had a poster of him on my wall.

Leslie - Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the first that I can remember.  Now that I know that he is 4 ft tall, I should have rethought that!

Steph - Kirk Cameron

16.  What is your Kryptonite? 

Kristi - Sugar. Wine. Reality TV. Not necessarily in that order.

Leslie - Wine/Beer/Tacos

Steph - Chips and salsa

That’s all folks! Looks like we can all agree that this month’s Colorado trip was a hit, that we won’t ever be the next Spice Girls and that we all really want to stop working! Hope everyone has a good week and we will be back next Friday with some more adventures!

Cheers! ~Kristi