Welcome to our blog. We are 4 friends who love travel, wine, trying new restaurants, and stepping out of our comfort zone. Join us as we find adventures in KC and beyond!

Our first meeting...

It's official...this blog is a go!  We had our first meeting at Louie's Wine Dive in Kansas City. Louie's was amazing and we got so much done.  Please check out Meet the Adventurers section to read all about us!!

Let's talk about Louie's...

Stephanie and I (Leslie) arrived early because we got off work a little early for the long weekend.  We started with a decent Malbec called ELSA BIANCHI (only $26 for the bottle).  It is an Argentinian malbec that was light and a great start to the evening.

Andrea arrived and we switched to a different malbec and ordered some deviled eggs.  Stephanie's review of the BLT Deviled Eggs: The deviled eggs were a delight.  Not too sweet or vinegary.  The bacon was crisp and the arugula was a nice subtle touch.  Definitely a dish that would be a crowd pleaser!


Kristi missed out on the deviled eggs, but arrived just in time to try the second malbec.  This malbec tasted more like what I think when I think about malbecs.  Leo Premium ($44 for a bottle) was a perfect blend of spiciness that I expect mixed with intense fruitiness.  I did a little research on this wine and one of the wine makers, Leo Messi created the Messi foundation.  The Messi foundation helps children with social disadvantages to improve their quality in life through education, medical assistance and sports. Donations from each wine sale goes to their foundation.  This made me even happier that we drank a bottle (or two of this).  


What pairs better with wine than a cheese board?  A soft cheese, a guiness cheddar, and a mild cheddar arrived with 2 cured meats, strawberries reduced with balsamic, pickled onion and fennel, pickles, spicy mustard, and some breads.  Perfect pairing for our last bottle which was a personal favorite-Pinot Noir.  Terra Pura Pinot Noir (also only $26 for the bottle) was a nice cap to the evening and went very well with the mild soft cheese.  


Overall, it was a perfect happy hour and great start to our Unfiltered Adventures.  We have so many great things planned that we can't wait to share with you!!

Kansas City Restaurant Week-Seasons 52