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Bier, Brunch, and Being Awesome

Before we begin,  we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you spent time with family and friends and ate lots of delicious turkey and sides.  Gobble, Gobble!

Last week started off with a beer tasting from KC Bier Co.  Andrea's work was kind enough to host this event and somehow UA received VIP invites!  KC Bier Company opened in early 2014 in the Waldo area and specializes in brewing German biers.  I have never been to the brewery so I was excited to partake in this tasting.  We started the evening with a sample of their Hefeweizen.  This is an unfiltered wheat that was very refreshing.  We then moved on to the Helles which is a Munich style lager that was light and smooth.  This is definitely an every day bier.  Lastly, we tried the Dunkel.  This award winning bier was my favorite.  It is a medium bodied darker lager that had a slightly sweet finish.  KC Bier is now selling bottles (check them out, they have KC landmarks printed on the label) at your local stores and we highly recommend them!

Saturday was spent at Top Golf for brunch!  Some of us are professionals, some of us can use a little work, and some of us throw clubs when we whiff.  I won't name names.  Any who, brunch was fantastic.  Most of us opted for the Sunrise burger topped with bacon and an egg.  Billy went all out with his Chicken and Waffle Sliders.  The food was delish and the laughs were plenty.  


Remember our Fall Bucket List?  I think we did a pretty good job at fulfilling it!  Check out these recaps:

Hiking in the Park.  We almost died out there, but it was worth the 6 miles.

Photo Shoot in the Leaves.  Oops - this is still on our list!

Drink Hot Cocoa.  We drank coffee and cider during our hike. I'm counting that!

Decorate Pumpkins/Sit by the Fire Pit/Make Smores/Pumpkin Beer Tasting.  Who says we can't do it all?  

Costume Party.  Who can forget this epic night?

Watch Scary Movies and Chili Cook Off.  Who knew Blair Witch wouldn't be scary after all these years?

Friendsgiving.  One of our favorite traditions!

Attend a Fall Festival.  Two festivals are better than one!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch.  We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch but we all had to buy our pumpkins from somewhere this year!

Tailgate.  No one does it better than Chiefs fans!

Haunted Houses.  We are going to have to tackle this one next year!

All in all, I'd say we did a pretty good job on our list!  Now, should we make one for winter?  What do you say?

Cheers! ~Kristi

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