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5 Things Fun!

We all spent last week/weekend celebrating Thanksgiving with our families.  Lots of turkey and relaxing!!  So this week, we are bringing you another fun little quiz!  We will be back to our adventures in the next post. :)  For this week enjoy and feel free to share your own responses to the 5 things fun!

Source: http://www.relatably.com/q/travel-quotes

5 places I’m dying to visit:
•    Andrea- Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Bora Bora and sleep in a hut on the water, and Hard Rock Cafes all over the world!
•    Kristi-Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Peru, Australia
•    Leslie-Australia, Italy, Hawaii, Greece, Turks & Caicos
•    Steph-New Zealand, Hawaii, Necker Island, Mediterranean, Italy

5 foods I eat every day:
•    Andrea-Almond Milk, Protein Powder, Olive Oil, Coffee, Garlic
•    Kristi-Eggs, Protein, Fruit, Veggies, Water
•    Leslie-Apples, Peanut Butter, Veggies, Crystal Light, Chicken
•    Steph-Eggs, Sriracha, Chicken, Vegetables, Salsa

5 talents that I wish I had:
•    Andrea- Music, Public Speaking, Ghost Whisperer, Not putting my foot in my mouth, Doing math in my head
•    Kristi-Carry a tune, Dunk a basketball, Ring muscle-up, Dress cuter, Decorative eye
•    Leslie-Sing, Dance, Recall movie facts on command, Play piano, Calligraphy
•    Steph-Juggle, Sing, Magic, Card Counter, Stunt Driver

5 shows I must watch:
•    Andrea- Major Crimes, How to Get Away with Murder, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dateline, Brooklyn 99
•    Kristi-Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Blacklist, New Girl, any reality TV on Bravo/E!
•    Leslie-Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls (binging on Netflix!!)
•    Steph-The Walking Dead, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy


5 songs I listen to on repeat:
•    Andrea- Bruno Mars 24k Magic, Beyoncé Get Me Bodied, Mariah Carey OOC, Turn Down For What feat Lil Jon
•    Kristi-Bruno Mars 24k Magic, JT Can't Stop the Feeling, Gnash I hate U I love U , Beyonce Single Ladies, Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What you Want   
•    Leslie-hmmmmm….I don’t really have any.  Songs that always make me happy: Amarillo by Morning, Love on Top, Livin on Prayer, Sexy and I Know It, any Pitbull song
•    Steph-Starboy, Setting the World on Fire, Let me Love You, The Greatest


5 beauty products I use every day:
•    Andrea- Dove dry deodorant, Mary Kay under eye cream, Mary Kay Primer, Bare Minerals Bronzer, Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray
•    Kristi- Clarisonic, Mary Kay Time Wise Set, Mary Kay CC Cream,  Mary Kay Finishing Spray, Cover Girl LashBlast waterproof mascara
•    Leslie-Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer, CC Cream, Mascara, Chapstick, Neutrogena face wipes
•    Steph-Neocutis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream, Olay Regenerist Mirco-Sculpting Cream, Chapstick (duh), Bare Minerals foundation, Urban Decay eye pencil.

5 movies I watch on repeat:
•    Andrea- I don’t re-watch a lot of movies but holiday ones and the occasional few. Hangover, Elf, Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect
•    Kristi-Elf, Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, The Holiday, Pitch Perfect  (maybe these movies are why we all get along so well!?!)
•    Leslie-Elf, Dirty Dancing, Mary Poppins, Toy Story, Christmas Vacation
•    Steph-Around the holiday’s it’s: Elf, Love Actually, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Bad Santa

5 books on my current reading list (similar question to our currently post!):
•    Andrea- again, I am more of a podcast kind of a girl   You should check out this podcast called My Favorite Murderer
•    Kristi- I wish I made more time for these!  Can I add this as my 6th talent?
•    Leslie-I’ve been so busy binge watching/listening to Gilmore Girls that I haven’t had time to read!!  I finished Swans of Fifth Avenue, but didn’t love it.  Now onto Truly Madly Guilty, but I haven’t started it yet.
•    Steph-Uh, who has time for that?  I’m still trying to finish the last book I blogged about!!

Turns out we are not good at reading, but we love Christmas movies! :)  Have a great week!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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