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Winner Winner Harrah's Dinner


Winter has officially set in, so what better way to stay warm than with an amazing dinner and fun with friends?  Luckily for us, one of our favorites, Carla, invited us to dinner at Harrah's.  You may remember her from our awesome Vegas trip earlier this year!  She is a VIP and we love going to the Harrah's resorts with her.  Nothing but the best!!!

Speaking of nothing but the best, check out our beautiful private table in a private room!  We definitely felt like high rollers!!!  The meal was soooooooo delicious.  Spicy candied bacon-um, I could eat that all day!!  Fabulous wine (we may have drank all they had of 2 labels) and the seafood tower app...fresh and amazing!  Not pictured-perfectly cooked filets with mashed potatoes and fresh corn...I didn't even think I was hungry, but I ate the entire entree!


Carla was telling a great story to the bartender-I totally caught that action shot!!  and Andrea was delivering wine!  hooray wine!!  :)


After dinner, we hit the casino floor.  Stephanie hit it big (well, medium?) and Carla and I were trying to loot her purse!  This was before we headed up to our room for the night.  Those of you that follow us on Facebook might have seen our "mannequin challenge".  Aka-me passed out on my face in the rollaway bed!


Carla received this "wine" as a gift.  It was the color of pee and did not smell good.  Plus it came in this Walmart sack...I mean, why wouldn't we try it???  For the record, Andrea tried it first with a big drink and her eyes were watering.  The rest of us were more cautious.  A good mix of moonshine and what I assume toilet wine tastes like!


We forced Carla to join us for some Saturday excitement.  Saturday Funday (not quite the same ring as Sunday Funday, but just a fun!) started at Colony Espresso and Beer.  We got the Winter Warmer from The Passport Program to get us out and about this winter.  Hibernation is not an option!!!  Colony is a cute place that offers hipsters coffee and craft beers.  It was about 11am when we arrived, so the coffee crowd did not appreciate our laughter!  I opted for a latte and a Vanilla Ale.  The Alpine Beer Willy Vanilly was my favorite out of all of the beers we tried at this stop.  The Passport Program has drink specials at each stop and it is buy 1 get 1...so we had our 2 drinks and moved on.


Next stop-Calibration Brewery.  This is another new spot in North KC.  By far my favorite local brews of the day.  There was a contest to name the Porter, so we all participated.  They name their beers based on song titles and we had a great time coming up with options even if we did not win!  


We also grabbed some food at Calibration.  I had the chili dog and it was worth it!!  Some of the other gals said their meals were just okay.  So overall-great beers, okay food, and a fun atmosphere!  The staff were really welcoming and nice too!

I promise Steph was having fun!

I promise Steph was having fun!

Carla headed home to watch the KU game and the rest of us made one more stop.  Cinder Block Brewery is another great North KC brewery.  They have been around a little longer and have a pretty good following. They even have trivia nights where people take trivia very seriously!!! 


Overall a great weekend.  Fabulous friends, food, and wine...followed by checking out some new places in North KC.  

More adventures to come....


Holiday Happiness

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas