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What the heck 2016?!? You've taken way too many of our celebrities...but you can't have Betty White!


Can you believe it's been almost a year since we started this blog? January 16th will be our Blogiversary!  It only seems appropriate to recap our year and share what we are looking forward to in 2017!


Favorite Blog Posts of 2016:

Leslie: Boulevards A Plenty - where it all began!

Andrea: Pumpkin Beer Tasting - so many beers!

Stephanie: Legionnaire status reached - we are bad a$$ 

Kristi: Swans and wings - pool time and cookoffs!

And, I think it's fair to say the Dominican trip was a blast - Live blogging from the DR - whether it was a good idea or not. Fragments, workouts, nudes, blue drinks and a pool crawl to boot.

2017 Resolutions:

Leslie: Get out of comfort zone at least once per month.  

Andrea: Be more involved with work on national level.

Stephanie: Sell my house, read more than 1 book this year, cut the cable cord (once shows end this summer), and grow a more robust garden this year & crush it.

Kristi: Be more proactive in my every day life. 

Of course we are all ready to jump back on the healthy train and get back into our workout routines! 

Other favorites from this year:

Vegas and Georgetown were so fun!  

The Passport Program (and Winter Warmer too) is a great way to check out new places around town!  We loved checking out all of the spots that we didn’t even know existed and trying some new and interesting drinks.  We even found some other new drinks!  Alpine Coffee in Georgetown and Irish Breakfast shots (which are good any time of the day).

Getting the blog up and running.  It has been really fun to go on lots of adventures with best friends!

Trying new things around KC-yoga in random places, lots of new restaurants, and even some rouncing!  Oh and we met a unicorn!


Cheers to more adventures in 2017!

An Unfiltered Adventure Christmas - let's wrap this year up!

Holiday Happiness