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Friday Faves

We learned a few things last week.  #1-Irish Breakfast shots are interesting...in case you ever need to know or wake up hungry in Ireland, they consist of Jameson, Peach Schnapps and OJ.  They taste like maple syrup and hangovers if you have too many.  We decided to give them a shot (get it??:)) at happy hour last week.


#2-Taking dog pictures is hard!!  Have you ever tried to coordinate several dogs for a picture?  Well, this is how it typically goes....


#3-Professional photographers are way better than me with my cell phone!  We got a great pic of the pups looking so adorable in their Christmas collars.  When we get the official pics, you guys can consider it your Unfiltered Adventure Christmas Card! You are all welcome!!

Steph headed off to Manhattan to cheer on her favorite KState Wildcats.  I went to Bobby's company work party and Andrea and Kristi had fun nights of their own, so we are switching it up a little this Friday and sharing some of our favorite things!!

Faded Days Sunglasses-You see these all over the blog!  We pretty much wear them everywhere and they will sponsor us some day!  They just don't know it yet.  


Pop Your Pup-Andrea found out about these fun shirts from a co-worker, so as pet lovers...we needed them!!  You too can wear your pet on your shirt. 


Blue Apron-Andrea and I do Blue Apron most weeks.  They send you all of the ingredients to make 3 healthy and delicious meals for your family.  If you want to try it, comment below with your email and I'll send you an invite for a free week.


Matching shirts-These Charlie Hustle shirts are amazing.  So soft and comfortable.  I'm pretty sure we all live in this shirt!


Rafts-You may remember the rafts from this summer.  They made a few appearances on the blog.  They got great use and were tons of fun!!!  Tip though-the poor black swan 1.0 and 2.0 did not survive the summer so go with any of the others!


Feel free to share some of your own faves!  Until next time...I hope you find some fun favorites and adventures!


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