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5 Tips to Help You Pack for an Unfiltered Adventure

We talk a lot on our little blog about wine and generally being awesome.  We even sprinkle in a little travel as often as we can.  Darn jobs and having to pay for the trips really slow us down!!  (Hint, hint travel sponsors??)  In the event that you are planning a fun adventure, I wanted to share some packing tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way.


1. Never pack in advance.  This gives you way too much time to plan and think about what you are bringing.  It is a lot more fun to get to a destination and be surprised by what is in your suitcase.

2. To help create more surprises, have a drink or two or ten while you pack.  You are sure to throw in some interesting outfits and maybe even forget your toothbrush and have to venture out to get one!  (note-I do not recommend going the whole trip without a toothbrush!  That's just gross.)

3. When traveling with breakables (ahem, bottles of wine), make sure you wrap them carefully.  Bubble wrap, sweatshirts, special travel cases all work great!  A sealed bag is preferable unless you want to risk all of your travel wardrobe being wine stained-wine tie dyed if it ever happens to you!  And to state the obvious...this only goes in your checked bag.  Unless it is under 3 ounces and if you are bringing 3 ounces of wine...what is the point??

4. For those really early flights, try to stay up all night the night prior.  This ensures you can sleep on the plane and arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed when you get to your destination!  Heck, make it a party and have your travel companions over to stay up with you!


5. Don't forget to weigh your suitcase if it feels really heavy!  I use my bathroom scale-which is tricky, but doable!  You might have to take out a bottle if you're bringing more than one or a more sensible solution-wear extra layers on the plane.  You know, like Joey on Friends.  Could I be wearing anymore clothes?  Maybe if I wasn't going commando!  


Fun Fact: One time Andrea had to carry her hot rollers through the airport because her bag was too heavy and we maxed out things she could transfer to mine!  It was a super hot look!!  #priorities

In summary-if you follow these helpful tips and tricks, you are sure to have a fantastic and fun adventure!

Happy adventuring!



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