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Wente Vinyards , a light but flavorful pinot noir

Wente Vinyards, a light but flavorful pinot noir

Anniversaries are special days which benchmark life events. One very important anniversary recently celebrated was the creation of this delightful blog you are currently reading. Can you believe this magic has been happpening for an entire year? We couldn't either so we decided to celebrate where it all began, Louie's Wine Dive. As we sat together toasting our wine to another amazing year as successful bloggers we began to talk about the things we have all learned after one year of blogging.  Sit back and enjoy Deep Thoughts with Unfiltered Adventure. 


Stephanie concluded blogging is harder than she ever thought. She basically quoted Spider Man, "with great power comes great responsibility".  Preach Steph.

Leslie has experience blogging in the past but she believes it is much easier to blog with a group than it was to keep up with it alone. There is strength in numbers, plus it's more fun.  Checkout her previous blog for old times sake: Life begins at 30

Kristi admitted it is harder than expected to make what you're doing come to life. She wants to put more thought and time into her posts to help convey the incredible real life story behind each adventure.  Sounds like she's ready to take it to the next level! I sure hope I can keep up.

Finally, I found my first year as a blogger to be fun as it presented the opportunity to try new things & share different experiences. All of this sharing is demanding but it's worth it when I come through with a clever blog post. I learned how to create hyperlinks (yes I did just hyperlink the word hyperlink) and perhaps most importantly I learned not everyone picks up on Mariah's World references. 


This past year has definitely proved to be both challenging and rewarding. We are all looking forward to 2017 as we have many new adventures just begging to be featured in our blog. Who are we to deny you our readers of what you want! 

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with a photo featuring 3/4 of Unfiltered Adventure freezing at the Chiefs playoff game against the Steelers. In the very end our team did not persevere but look how much fun they had! That's a W by my standards. 

Nicole joined Steph, Leslie and Krist for the big game!  🏈❤️🏈 

Nicole joined Steph, Leslie and Krist for the big game!  🏈❤️🏈 

Cheers to another year of being awesome,  



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