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Fall into Oktober

You know it is officially fall when you start drinking ALL of the fall beers.  Last year we did a Pumpkin Beer tasting and quickly learned that too much pumpkin is a real thing.  To make choosing a fall beer easier for you, we went ahead and tried 13 different kinds.  You are welcome!


Here's what we tried and some tasting notes on each (left to right):

Breckenridge Autumn Ale: This smokey brown ale paired really well with the smoked gouda.  We would buy this one again!  This one was Andrea's favorite and mine too.

Dinkel Acker Oktoberfest: Not only is this fun to say, but it is a light and mild beer.  Steph quote: "Light Oktoberfest-like a September Fest"  This was Billy's favorite (over the hoppy beer...that says a lot!).  Steph also liked this one.  

Martin City Fallback: Drinkable, but not a fave.

Samuel Adams Harvest Hefe: This smelled really good, but seemed more like a summer beer trying to be a fall beer.  A combination of summer shandy with pumpkin pie.

Deschutes Hopzeit: Those of us who do not love hoppy beers decided that it is not the worst hoppy beer that we've ever had.  Billy of course, liked it!

Great Divide Hoss Oktoberfest: Really good Oktoberfest w/a lumber jack on the can.  Veronica (Steph's alter ego) is a fan!

Not Your Mother's Apple Pie: Not surprising, this tasted a lot like a cider.  Kristi said she would drink one or two, but definitely not 8.  

Free State, Left Hand, and Mother's all have pretty good Oktoberfests.  Left Hand wins coolest label with a snow tiger.  Bobby liked all of the Oktoberfest beers.  Kristi chose Mothers as her favorite.  Steph decided to let price be the guide and determined that she would choose the cheaper of Mothers and Dinkel.  (he, he...still fun to say Dinkel!)

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale reminded us that we had too many pumpkin beers last year.

Lone Tree Brewing Vanilla Caramel Amber was actually pretty good.  Sweet and different-another one or two beer kind of drink.

Last but not least, Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout.  My comment was "man...whoa...whiskey...shit!"  It was really intense and strong.  I'm hoping it was just too big of a departure from the other beers because I feel like at least some of us should have liked it!


Andrea made a delicious Thai Ground Turkey Chili for us to enjoy with egg rolls.  The paired really well with the beers and crisp autumn air.

I think she puts her own spin on it, but here is a link to a similar recipe.  http://www.joybauer.com/healthy-recipes/thai-turkey-chili/

I'm telling you, it hit the spot and is a great addition to your winter soup recipe rotation!  Easy, fast, and who doesn't like something that pairs well with egg rolls?!?!?

After some food and drinks, it was time for football and pumpkin decorating.  The K State Wildcats took on the Texas Longhorns in a great battle.  Overtime victories are the sweetest...when your team comes out on top!  I was pretty happy about it! :)  Oh yeah...pumpkins!  We decorated those too.  A few coats of paint makes them super fancy for fall!


Pumpkin decorating, football cheering, and beer tasting is exhausting!  Time to relax by the fire.  We obviously were having a terrible time enjoying our favorite beers from the tasting and chatting by the fire.


We took the pups out to KC Bier Co on Sunday for Barktoberfest.  They had a blast hanging out with each other and we had a blast drinking more bier.  Thank you fall!


After the game we all headed home to cheer on the Chiefs to another victory.  Fall is off to a great start!  Do you have a favorite fall beer?  Must do fall activity?

Bring on the cooler (but not too cool) weather!  


Storm's a Brewin'

An Olympic sized weekend!