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Friendsgiving 3.0

There is something about a turkey induced food coma that makes me truly thankful for many blessings in my life.  One Thursday each year we join our families to gather around a table filled with carbs and of course a golden turkey centerpiece.  Dedicating one day to acknowledge the things we are thankful for is just not enough, that’s why Unfiltered Adventure chooses to preparty Thanksgiving with something we like to call Friendsgiving. 


Billy and I hosted this year. We made a simple and refreshing welcome drink:  grapefruit rose, prosecco, and fresh cranberries to garnish. Don’t eat the cranberries unless you love tart gross tasting fruits. We had three rules, 1) prepare assigned dishes, 2) bring your dogs, 3) wear sweatpants.


Billy smoked the tiny eight ounce turkey we mistakingly purchased instead of an eight ounce turkey breast. The turkey was juicy and had great flavor. Billy loves using his smoker and jumped at the chance to take over the turkey this year. Horray Billy! 


Take a look at this spread! Steph tried to trick us into eating mashed cauliflower she causally called mashed potatoes. We are far too smart to confuse cauliflower for potatoes! I actually really liked the “fake potatoes” but they taste nothing like potatoes. Her corn was both tasty and actually real corn. Leslie made a new stuffing recipe which featured sausage. Mind blown. Kristi took control of the hors d’oeuvres and desserts like a pro. There was procciuto wrapped dates, pumpkin cheesecake dip, and cheesecake balls. Billy handled the turkey and he did not disappoint! My contribution was homemade honey butter. Who knew it was so easy to make this delicious two ingredient delicacy? I chose not to churn the butter myself and purchased Shatto Plain Ol’ Butter. I selected several Pinot Noirs to pair with everything Thanksgiving. 


All wines received a rating of 90 points or greater from the Wine Spectator tasters 100-point scale, we concurred. A score of 90-94 points is considered Outstanding and defines the Wine of superior character and style. 


Taking a group photo with five sweet, happy, and wild pups does not work. We tried! 


Friendsgiving makes us happy. Sharing laughs and making memories are the things that make me so thankful for these ladies.  


Friendsgiving 3.0 was a success. What are you thankful for? Hopefully you also take more than one day out of the year to give thanks. 




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