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Crafts, Christmas Tea, and Chiefs!

The countdown to Christmas is down to four days.  We are embracing everything that is Christmas and loving every minute of it! Hence the traditional craft night paired with wines plucked from Maureen’s parents’ wine cellar. Affectionately known as Old Wine. This year armed with hot glue guns we glamafied adorable jars with ribbons, glitter, stickers, and Christmas cheer. The jars are versatile and can be personalized, the options are endless.  We found the idea on Pinterest, https://pin.it/oe6ihf4zsqrsid


The wines all offered distinctly different tasting notes. One was a little jammy, another a bit bold, and one was fairly mild and almost tasteless. I don’t want to hurt any of the wine’s feelings so you will need to try them all yourself to make your own conclusions. 


I must mention Dolce Bakery, Kristi grabbed delicious delicacies for everyone to enjoy. Dolce is a boutique bakery that creates every batch from scratch on a daily basis and it’s located in Prairie Village, KS. 

Maureen is so sweet to include Leslie and I at the Ladies Christmas Tea at Saddle and Sirloin. This year our friend Jill joined the fun. The centerpieces and decorations were gorgeous. We were asked to dress in white, who knew we would be attending a white party? It was wonderful per usual. The food, wine, and the company are always the best at S&S. 


And then there was tailgating...


The Chiefs played the Los Angeles Chargers for a perfect Saturday evening football game.  Perfect because the weather and the victory were amazing! 


Of course Steph bumped into Santa. It’s cool, she knows him. 


Merry Christmas everyone! From all of us at UA to you and your families. 



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