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The Countdown to Christmas is ON!

The Countdown to Christmas is ON!

As you saw in our last post, we are in full Christmas mode over here at Unfiltered Adventure.  We started checking things off of our Christmas Countdown last week with watching classic Christmas movies and round one of Christmas crafting.  This week we continued our countdown with checking out all the bright lights, baking and partying!  

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One of my favorite things to do is look at Christmas lights.  It's not everyone's favorite, but I love it!  This year Andrea and I bribed our husbands with some Bailey's and coffee and headed to the OP Arboretum to do the Holiday Luminary Walk.  We started in the fairy/gnome village-those little guys know how to decorate!  Then we moved along the rest of the pathway to check out the other lights at the arboretum.  The weather was fantastic and it was really fun and a little different than driving around.


Andrea and I also went on another mini-adventure to KC Wine Co to try the Hot Chocolate Cherry Wine.  We did not love it...or even finish our tiny tasting...and you know that we do not dump out wine!  I think I'll stick to mulled wine if I'm going to drink my wine hot.  They do have a spiced cider coming out...I guess we have to go back to try that!

Since the hot chocolate wine was not our favorite, we opted for the Cabernet Reserve.    I love that a lot of Kansas and Missouri wineries are mixing it up with grapes from other regions.  It helps cut the super sweet and makes those of us who like red wine happy!

Next stop, the annual Girls Christmas Party.  Every year our good friend Janelle (you may remember her as one of our 24 best friends from Florida) wrangles up as many of our girlfriends as possible to have a fun night of laughs, charity, and a gift exchange.


Kristi was busy being a bad ass again at a Crossfit competition, but the other 3 of us headed over for the fun.  This year the theme was gag gifts.  Andrea decided to put her face on a wine charm and Steph was the lucky winner!  Hey-at least she got a bottle of Prosecco with the charm!

Steph's face was priceless when she opened it.  Made even funnier because you are supposed to guess who your gift is from...hmmm...it was a tough one to figure out!  


I had to fight for my gift!  After I was tackled and my gift was stolen, Andrea saved the day so I could end up with the most awesome unicorn slippers. Sorry Streeter!!  I love them!

Kelly won the beer helmet and naturally we all had to try it.


Sunday was not a day of rest!  It was a day of baking, football, and eating delicious baked goods!!  Andrea and Billy host a fun cookie exchange every year.  It is a great time to try out new recipes to share with friends, eat amazing cookies, and decide what you want to make again.  

This year did not disappoint.  We had Bacon Bourbon Brownies, cake balls, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin whoopie pies, snickers bars and more!  Pretty sure I gained all of my winter weight in one day!


What is on your holiday to do list?  Anything we missed on ours?

Until next time friends!


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