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Basement Workouts and Group Massage???

When your friend invites you to their birthday and it includes a workout in someone's basement and a group massage with friends and strangers (with all of your clothes), you say "why not?!?" 


I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's back up to Friday, shall we?  We went to happy hour (because-Friday! and to use our Winter Warmer Passport) with several friends.  Andrea is still in recovery and cannot partake in any alcohol, but Billy, Cody, and Krystal were able to join us for some drinks.  We decided to go to District Pour House for the night.  They infuse their libations in house, which makes for some fabulous cocktails.  Fun twists on old fashioneds-for Cody, Krystal and our resident connoisseur Stephanie, pickle infused martini for one of my drinks because I was feeling James Bond like, and so many more.  They pretty much have anything you can think of.  I saw a marshmallow infused vodka...smore's drink anyone??  Kristi and I even shared the mistake drink that we got for free!  

Great cocktails and a fun time!!

Now, on to the birthday celebration for our friend Krystal.  You may remember her birthday last year.  It was one of our first posts!  This year she had lots of fun things in store for us again!

Don't worry-we did not leave her alone in the VIP area for long!

Don't worry-we did not leave her alone in the VIP area for long!


We started with a workout with Krystal's trainer, Shannon.  She happens to train in her basement...so safety in numbers. Or so we thought. My burning muscles thought they were being tortured for sure!

No pics of the workout, but I did get this one of my post workout coffee fix. Why is it so fun to take pics of coffee??


All cleaned up, ready to get the party started...and of course we needed sustenance. Lunch at Port Fonda was next on the agenda.  They serve brunch most of the day on Saturdays and brunch = cocktails!!  We had a delicious meal including chicharonnes and chips to go with our guac.  The chicharonnes were light and flavorful...so yummy!! 


After lunch some of us headed over to Julep to use our passport again.  I opted for the classic mint julep since that is the namesake of the cute spot.  I hoped that it would come in the cute silver cups that you see watching the Kentucky Derby, but no such luck.  Maybe if I was wearing a hat??  Next time!!  The drink did have a really cool snow-cone shape and that mound of ice really helped as it melted to mellow out the stronger that I expected drink!

Lots of laughing and another round of juleps ensued.  Next think you know, it was time to get another group photo!!  Since it was Krystal's birthday and all.  She only told everyone we saw!  Luckily the guy taking our picture was pretty funny and patient.  Turns out that mint juleps make a group of girls super giggly! .


Time to wrap it up at this stop.  We tried to go get our massage, but they told us to come back in an hour.  What else are a bunch of girls to do?  Go watch basketball!!  Westport (where all of these places are located) has tons of options.  We popped over to Gambals to catch some of the KU vs Kentucky game before our massage.  



Prying ourselves away from a good game was tough, but it was time for our massage at this place.  Note that Krystal is the only one that does not appear a little uneasy.  As mentioned earlier, you literally are massaged in a room full of people with all of your clothes on.  I also should add that it is a deep tissue massage.  I'm not sure if I was more sore from the workout or the massage!!!


After the massage, we headed back to Krystal's house for games and tons of laughs!!  It was a fun and interesting day to say the least!  I can't wait to see what she will come up with for her next birthday!!!

Until next week friends!  Cheers!


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Did we have a Super Weekend? Roger that!