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Did we have a Super Weekend? Roger that!

$1 slider & $1 fries! 

$1 slider & $1 fries! 

It was a brisk Friday night but we ventured out to MoBrew (local Kansas City Craft Beer Bar, located in the 39th street district) to celebrate Lucas's birthday! We played arrange tables 3 times, drank craft beers, ate $1 burgers/$1 fries, took tequila shots from strangers, listened to a 40-something DJ play only 90's music and played skeeball for "free" beers. How could Lucas NOT have fun with this take bunch!


Happy Birthday Lucas and thanks again Winter Warmer!

Some of us headed next door to High Dive and some of went home because we had a big day tomorrow. Leslie and Kristi went to a "power yoga" while Andrea and I were namaste'ing at home. Leslie and Kristi's comments include:

Door to yoga. Les, you shouldn't have! 

Door to yoga. Les, you shouldn't have! 

Leslie: Turns out downward dog is really hard when your feet and hands are sliding in opposite directions. I felt like Andrea must feel in summer....and I almost died!! 

Kristi: I learned that a Royals rally towel is not big enough to soak up 75 minutes worth of sweat. Always say "yes" when they offer you a free mat and towel your first time!

Leslie: Oh and when they tell you to relax and listen to the sounds around you, all I heard was my sweat dripping.

When we finally got the band together it's at a super fun, temporary indoor dog park called bark. It's in a unique location and they hope to have an indoor/outdoor location that is in the ballpark of Top Golf in a way. It's a $10 entry fee for you and your pup and they have a decent bar and associates walking around constantly cleaning and breaking up "disturbances". Badger, Barley, Porter & Sully played their furs off and we had 2 go down in exhaustion! They had a fun day with tournaments and we got to meet one of the co-owners, Dave. He and his giant/black/shaggy dog Bishop have an amazing vision for the future of trendy/all-inclusive dog parks.


Check out bark in the West Bottoms when you get a chance! Look how cute it is! 


Billy entered in a ping pong tournament but lost to a fierce competitior!  

Super Bowl Sunday!!! The second best food day of the year in my opinion! My sister had a watch party and most of us were going for Atlanta, as true underdog lovers, however some of us have a mantra to NEVER bet against Tom Brady! What a half time show! What a game!!! Best ever, right?!?  

We had the meats! 

We had the meats! 


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