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While the other half of our squad is in IRELAND, Andrea and I are holding down the fort in KC. Luckily, we've been keeping busy.  


Friday night called for some relaxing and resting up for a big Saturday. We started with brunch at an old favorite. Urban Table is a fantastic local restaurant with locally sourced farm to table food. Saturday means brunch all day, so we were on board.  

We started with some coffee to warm up since it was SNOWING outside.  Why is it snowing in March??  We were all settled in and ready for Spring, but Mother Nature had other plans.  At least we did not get 18 inches like some parts of the US.  

Anyway, after we warmed up with coffee, we moved on to delicious Bloody Mary's.  What do you do when they forget your bacon garnish?  Ask, and you shall received a fresh slice!  You can't have a Bloody Mary without bacon!  Speaking of bacon, if you go to Urban Table, you have to try their deviled eggs.  They are soooo good and now they serve them on individual spoons.

We signed up to volunteer for an event called Uncorked.  I know, I know...you are thinking-volunteer to pour wine and not drink it?  Well, this is how they got us.  We got to attend the shift we were not serving.  So we arrived around 3pm to taste a few wines before our evening shift.


You guys-people were out of control!  VIP's could start tasting at 1pm and by 3:30 the dance floor was hopping.  It was a lot of very bad wedding dancing.  See exhibit A below.  Since we were serving, we took lots of videos and pictures.  Fantastic people watching!  Then it was time to serve.  I had 3 Spanish wines from the Gil (pronounced with an H) Family.  The Atalaya was my favorite that I served.  This wine had big bold flavors-a strong and spicy red that would pair well with red meats, chocolate, or just a pair of yoga pants and your couch!  Andrea's favorite was the Rompicollo because saying it is fun!  Plus the wine was pretty good too!  


Sunday was another fun adventure.  My husband Bobby's best friend from childhood, Shawn, asked us to run a special 5K to help his mom check off an item on her bucket list.  Her goal was to run a 5K before 65.  She set her goal and started couch to 5K in January and aimed to run the 5K in 45 minutes.  Not only did she CRUSH that goal time, she ran the whole time while we all cheered her on.  Andrea has been out of commission for running, so she bundled up and cheered us on.


The best way to celebrate a run is with more brunch!  I can't say enough nice things about Paradise Diner.  We had 12 people, so they set us up in the adjoining room.  The service was awesome.  They were so friendly and welcoming!  More Bloody Mary's (don't worry-I got bacon!).  The first one that I had was served with pepperocini juice added.  The slight kick and acid were a great addition.  The second one had some barbecue sauce in it and whoa-mind blown!  I will be adding a little BBQ sauce to my Bloody Mary's from now on!  Several of us tried the BETA Benedict-Bacon, Egg, Tomato, and Avocado topped with perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise.  I was very please...I'm pretty sure I used my potato to get all of the deliciousness from the BETA off of my plate.


I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patty's Day!  Wear green, drink green beer, and be safe!  Until next time adventurers!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland!

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