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St Pat's Part Duex

Professional bagpiper, we got his number if you are looking to schedule an event.  Just comment below!

Professional bagpiper, we got his number if you are looking to schedule an event.  Just comment below!

We are taking a look back to St. Patrick's Day.  I know Kristi and Stephanie went and celebrated St. Patty's in Ireland, I mean that is pretty cool and all but Leslie and I celebrated with bagpipes, delicious cuisine and hand crafted cocktails at Michael Smith Restaurant.  The expeirnce was too good not to mention so enjoy while I try to one up Kristi and Steph...

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were greeted by Michael and Nancy Smith who welcomed us with a shot of whiskey.  When in Rome.  Next we were seated, clearly a VIP table.  The festivities were officially underway when the bagpiper waltzed through the dining room filling our ears and hearts with the sweet sounds of Ireland. 

The five-course meal began with the Smoked Salmon Amuse.  It was quite delicious served atop an Irish boxty, horseradish, dill, and black radish.  Leslie really noticed the fresh dill, I believe she proclaimed, "That's a good dill though".  Obviously this got us all giggling.  Our Guinness paired nicely with the Amuse. 

Smoked Salmon Amuse

Smoked Salmon Amuse

Next up how about some Green Eggs & Ale?  The dinner courses were each paired with a handcrafted J. Rieger & Co. cocktail.  Nothing but the best!  Second course featured a Poached Egg, black pudding, watercress, and crisp shallots.  Served with mine and Leslie's second favorite cocktail of the night, Green Eggs & Ale which consisted of J. Rieger's Dry Gin, vanilla, lemon, egg white, orange cream citrate and Boulevard Irish Ale.  Keeping it local, which we love!  Just look how happy we look with this delightful cocktail. 

Green Eggs & Ale

Green Eggs & Ale


The third course was a delicious White Seafood Chowder full of scallops, oysters, mussels, sea bass, shrimp and served with a slice of brown bread.  It was so good but my photography skills were no match for this chowder.  I simply could not do it justice so I stopped trying.  I decided to Instagram the paired cocktail instead.  Follow me on Instagram so you can see what I am eating and drinking in real time, @itzdreezy.  Anyways, the chowder was served with The Quiet Man, our favorite cocktail of the evening.  J. Rieger's Midwestern Premium Vodka, Irish Stout reduction, lemon and sparkling wine.  The Quiet Man was so light and refreshing. 

As seen on Instagram #filter #unfilteredadventure #stpattysday

As seen on Instagram #filter #unfilteredadventure #stpattysday

The main event was served on a platter while more bagpipes were played.  It was that intense it had theme music.  Cue the Traditional Trio, bangers, stuffed cabbage, corned beef and onion gravy.  Right???  Pair this plate featuring all the meats with an Irish Beet Box, we loved the name but it was a stiffer drink than Leslie or I would prefer.  We shared with our husbands.  Wifey points!  The Irish Beet Box was prepared with J. Rieger's KC Whiskey, golden beets, Vermouth Rossa, herbs and Boondock Bitters.  The fellas thought it was quiet tasty. 


By the time the dessert was served we were so full but we had to try the final course.  They had us at Sticky Toffee Pudding, note the whiskey sauce and coffee ice cream.  The last cocktail could have tied for our first or second favorite, see how much we loved the cocktails.  The Irish Dream, Team Cream was the perfect after dinner drink.  J. Rieger's Caffe Amaro, Fernet Branca Menthe, the Roasterie coffee and whipped whiskey cream. 


We had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day.  Michael Smith never disappoints. 


To cap off the weekend we decided to get out of our comfort zone and hand out bags to the homeless around town. Just some basics-water, socks, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc. Sometimes we do things other than eat and drink! These little bags were in expensive and great to have in the car.  I love being able to grab it from my car when I see someone in need.  

An apartment complex recently caught fire and Andrea was able to hand these out to people in need.  

You never know when you may come across someone who just needs some basic necessities!

Speaking of food and drink.... 


Leslie's parents came to KC to visit. After some beers, golf, and delicious sushi...we decided to take them to another break out room.  This room was so cool. Tick Tock Escape has so much technology and awesome tricks that the other rooms we tried didn't have. We highly recommend going. One tip-if you break out and start yelling to celebrate, don't be the first one on the hall. It's super awkward when you try to celebrate with people who did not help you break out! 


Sunday was a great day. Our church (where Andrea's dad is the head preacher) completed a huge build. New sanctuary and build project and we can't wait to see what's next. The bishop preached and we took Leslie's parents up for the fun. After the celebration, the whole family gang hit Seasons 52 for some fresh and delicious food.  


Luckily, our selfie game is on point! Thanks Billy for capturing the fab photo. 


We hope you enjoyed our throwback post! Until next time friends! 


Vegas Baby!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland!