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Drovers for Days

Maureen's first Uber ride

Maureen's first Uber ride

As you all know, we are fond of wine. Often times we gather together and enjoy a box paired with hilarious stories and lots of laughs. Sometimes we jump in an Uber and make our way to the West Bottoms so we can enjoy wine from bottles. As if that isn't impressive enough, last Saturday we were privileged to join Michael Amigoni, wine maker at Amigoni Urban Winery, for a private tasting and a dose of education any KC native would appreciate. 


The tasting reserved us a large table in the Barrel Room as we sampled 5 different wines. The architecture and decor are incredible. Michael Amigoni shared several fun facts regarding the building which produced the newspaper for the Stockyards called The Daily Drovers Telegram from 1932 - 1975. 


Another interesting fact involves fenials pictured above. They are original to the building and had been covered up with sheetrock so they provided a very welcomed surprise once they were discovered! In order to maintain the history of the old newspaper building the Amigoni's chose to reuse old doors, tiles, safes, railings and anything they could salvage. The wine bars are custom built to have an old feel which pairs perfectly with all of the original materials.  It's impossible not to notice the gorgeous Corrara Marble counters atop the custom built bars. We learned the only place in the world to get it is Corrara Italy.  We should plan a trip to confirm. Once the architecture lesson was complete we refilled our glasses and started snacking. Amigoni serves up small plates featuring local cheeses, breads and spreads. The plates feature cheese from Green Dirt Farms in Weston, Missouri, and Shatto Milk Company in Osborn, Missouri, fresh baked bread from Kansas City’s Farm to Market Bread Company and spreads from KC Canning Company


Sunday morning we flexed our charitable muscles. Early mornings call for coffee and booze.   


Here is our group, two years in a row volunteering at the Great Plains 10k race. You can find us cheering while handing out medals and high fives.  

it was very pretty windy, glad we were volunteered not to run that race

it was very pretty windy, glad we were volunteered not to run that race

Volunteering always makes us hungry. We decided to checkout a new brunch spot, the Homesteader Cafe. Our waiter raved about their pork and bison gravy as well as the Farmer's Breakfast. Oh and the homemade chocolate beignets. The beignets were amazing, I am still thinking about those little chocolate filled pieces of heaven.


Oh and the seasonal cocktails which were offered with the Passport Program. The Solstice tasted like Shatto Chocolate Milk. It was delicious.  I may have had three. 


As our friends at The Homesteader Café said, weekends begin with good friends, great food and lots and lots of alcohol!



We still did not escape!