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Hip Hop Rosé

Hip Hop Rosé

So you know how you know everything about the kind of wine you drink, then say piss off to the other wines you don't like/don't understand? We do too! So we decided to do something about it. By show of hands who drinks rosé? Exactly, no one. At least not on the regular. So we set out on a Saturday afternoon to get to know this wine more (someone has to do it). 


Rosé all day at Lucas Liquor on the Missouri side.  Who knew there was so many choices. Even of the the reps was wearing rosé pants!


We may have started off with a tequila tasting but then got down to business.  


After we tasted all wines on 4 or 5 tables we needed food so we ran next door to Harry's Tavern where they have a keg of rosé  (who knew). The salsa there was homemade and very good. We would definitely recommend. 


After lunch more tables opened for tastings so it was back to business. All in all we tasted probably 35 wines. What did we learn? They come in all shapes and sizes. They're not all sweet/dry/light/simple/fruity. Our mission was to find our wine for the summer and boy did we find a winner *ahem* in a can!


We bought a case of Alloy Wine Works Everyday Rosé. We were shocked how good this wine was and it's already pool friendly! I know you're wondering what we have up our sleeves for this summer so here's a sneak peak at our bucket list: 


Have a great Memorial Day weekend! 

- Steph

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