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KY Derby Meets Pig Day at The K

We were Always Dreaming at the Kentucky Derby last weekend. We weren't exactly at the Derby but we were at Saddle & Sirloin which is the next best thing. Billy got into the festivities as you can see. He was channeling his inner jockey when he drove us to the club. 


Upon arriving at Saddle & Sirloin we were greeted by the hosts Kristin and Kent Beyer...and Mint Juleps.


The Mint Juleps were aggressive, as they should be. We enjoyed one in the spirit of the Derby. Next our favorite bartender Patty served us up another cocktail that was new to us. Cue the Seelbach; a glamorous blend of bourbon, Cointreau and bitters all topped with champagne. So basically bourbon with a champagne floater. Right up our alley. It was enjoyed by all.

The best part of the Derby party was the hats. Stephanie had a slight misfortune with her hat, luckily Maureen shoved a toothpick in it and she back in business. 


Stephanie and Kristi made a new friend, turns out they were rubbing elbows with the brother of the owner of the company where they work. Well Steph doesn't work there anymore but she did for about 13 1/2 years.  Turns out KC is just a small town!


Kristi and Leslie had the hot hands, they picked the 2nd and 3rd place horses. Cash money!  They weren't horsing around...wink. Always Dreaming quickly overpowered the field and went on to win the race by 2 1/2 lengths.  Both Lookin At Lee and Battle of Midway had great races! 

All of this excitement called for a delicious dinner, wine and our jockey chauffeur.  


What better way to spend the day after drinking bourbon than at the Royals game! It was time to finally breakout the World Market Pig Grill and embark on one of the most exciting tailgate parties of all time. Such an epic day brah deserves its own hashtag: #PigDayAtTheK. 


Bobby and Billy were even invited! Thanks to the Misejkas for sharing their tickets, we had an awesome day.  The sun was shining, the beers were cold (even the tiny Leinenkugel) and the seats were fantastic. 


 All in all last weekend was quite the adventure. From the KY Derby to the Pig Day At The K we shared lots of laughs and of course made our own adventures. 


Until next time! 


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