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Birthday #2-Bier, Boots, and Balloons

Birthday #2-Bier, Boots, and Balloons

Birthday Quarter-Birthday #2 started off with a sand volleyball win!  League Champs!  You are welcome, Kristi!  


To kick off the birthday celebration, we went to KC Bier Co to enjoy fabulous weather, great beers, and to hangout with great friends.  Check out those fun balloons!  Andrea knows one of the partners, Juergen Hager, who is a Bavarian native.  He knows a thing or two about great bier!  We just know that we like beer and clearly so do our friends!


Steph brought some fun balloons because it is a birthday celebration after all!  Clearly, everyone was having a terrible time!  


An impromptu stop on the way home.  When drinking German beer, you must drink DAS BOOT!  It's 84 ounces of cold beer!  Per Lew's instructions, The beer boot’s toe is to remain pointed upward and no turning of the beer boot is allowed.  (Allowing the toe to face sideways is for amateurs only).  Let's just say, we are clearly amateurs!


A little rain on Saturday didn't keep us down.  We headed out to Carla's house for some lake time (hi Carla!).  With this view, Carla is lucky that we don't all just move in! 


There was sunshine on Sunday, so more people came to hang out...including Susan's new puppy...he was having a terrible time!  I believe I see Crown and a Shotski that made it to the party!  #whenatCarlas


Andrea and I took advantage of the sunshine and got in her pool for the first time...and had our first Crisp White of the season.  Franzia is still dangerous!


Fire pits and lake views are so relaxing and a great cap to a fun weekend.  


Until next time friends!  Cheers!


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