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Ed Sheeran & Moscow Mules...to celebrate America??

Ed Sheeran & Moscow Mules...to celebrate America??

What's more American than Ed Sheeran, Moscow Mules, and tacos??  Well, pretty much anything!  BUT that is how we celebrated this 4th of July weekend (week really).

My friend Robyn came to visit.  You may remember her from this post.  This time she brought her bf Jeremy along for the fun.  We grabbed Andrea and headed to the Ed Sheeran concert.  He's crazy talented and put on a fun show!


The next day we headed out for some fun in KC.  Started at Westside Local.  This place was so cool.  They try to locally source all of their ingredients and list the various farms on the menu.  The deviled eggs were fantastic!!!  I went all in for the Teryaki Burger...ham, jalapenos, and pineapple on a burger...it was pretty amazing.  


Next stop Boulevard Brewery.  You can't come to KC and not come here!  We skipped the tour and opted for the tasting room with Bobby and I rattling off fun facts while we had a few flights to try out lots of beers.  Rye on Rye on Rye was the favorite for Bobby and Billy.  I enjoyed the stout and I think the jury is still out on a fave for Robyn and Jeremy.  


What better way to work off an afternoon of beer drinking?  Topgolf!  Not local to KC, but fun and not available where Robyn and Jeremy live.  Billy showed us all how it was done and even fixed my swing.  You can see a clear improvement with his coaching!  Bobby had a terrible showing...maybe too many Rye on Rye on Ryes! 


Last, but not least...we finished the night at North.  Great italian food and wine!  Then it was time to head home and get ready to party on Saturday!


Ain't no party like a Daniels' pool party!  We had a blast as usual with fun in the sun, water gun fights, and jumping off the diving board.


We wrapped up the week with a fun 4th of July celebration.  I hope you all had a fantastic 4th as well!


Until next time friends!  Cheers!


On this season of Botched!

On this season of Botched!

Kansas City knows how to Charity