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All Things Wings

In true Unfiltered Adventure style, we celebrated another birthday-hey, Andrea!, with another pool party.  Some of us had softball first and came in 3rd...whoop, whoop!  Others of us headed right for the pool!!


Everyone participated in the 2nd Annual Wing Off!  The first one was so fun and such a success that we decided to do it again and invite some friends.  Per usual, Billy subbed in for Andrea.  

Meet the contestants:

#1-A smokey and slightly spicy treat that I'll call Smokey Chipotle was my entry (recipe cred: I totally made it up...and was disappointed).

#2-A boozy, traditional sauce called Bourbon Buffalo wings (recipe cred: Bev Cooks) submitted by Kristi.  My personal fave, but I love spicy with a hint of booze!!

#3-A non-spicy Asian submission called Sweet Chili Chicken Wings (recipe cred: McGonigles) submitted by Stephanie

#4-A more traditional approach.  Let's call them Billy's Buffalo Wings, shall we?  It had secret ingredients and was really flavorful!

Drum roll please......................the winner of the 2nd Annual Wing Off...................................... #3 by Steph!!!!!


Because we love wings so much and love our readers so much, we want to pass along our favorites around town for wings.  You can't beat the giant, traditional wings from The Peanut.  These wings are so famous and amazing that you can have them shipped to  your home!  We also found some fantastic wings at Blvd Tavern ...wings so good that Steph still dreams about them!  They are twice fried with gochujang (a spicy Korean condiment made of chili paste and amazingness-if you have never had it, find it now!!!) and kimchi.  Another favorite of mine is at The Other Place.  Yes, that is really the name.  They have a great orange jalapeno sauce for their wings that is spicy and sweet and something that you don't see everywhere.  

If you are on the go and in need of a wing fix, you can never go wrong with Buffalo Wild Wings (or B-dubs as we affectionately call it in football season when we meet up to watch a game or two).  They have great variety and great wings...plus the giant cold beers and tons of tvs!


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