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Kicking butt and taking names

Over here at Unfiltered Adventure, we are known for drinking wine, hanging on patios, taking as many trips as we can while keeping our day jobs, and all around having a good time.  Sometimes that good time includes cheering for our fellow UA peeps while they kick butt and take names!!  

I had the privilege to meet up with Carla to cheer on Kristi last week as she competed in her first CrossFit Competition at her gym.  MC Crossfit is a fairly new and awesome box.  If you are ever in KC and want to hit up a CrossFit gym, this one is super nice and has a GIANT fan to keep you from dying of heat exhaustion while you get in a great workout!

I missed the first WOD...yes, I said FIRST.  I managed to catch the next 2, the floater, and the bonus workout.  More on that later.  The 2nd WOD included rowing, thrusters, kettlebell swings, more thrusters, and assault bike.  The assault bike is Kristi's favorite!  This was a partner competition, so Kristi and her partner Charles hit it hard!


Next stop-floater workout.  Turns out they don't use the 14 pound med ball in competitions...nope grab that 20 pounder for girls and 30 pounder for guys and see how many wall balls you can do in 2 minutes.  Did anyone else have no clue that a 30 pound ball existed???  Just me?  Well, I don't plan on using that one anytime!


WOD #3 included partner deadlifts.  Yep, just as awkward as you would imagine.  Load up the bar and try to stay in sync.  At least Kristi and Charles are relatively close in height.  There were some funny mis-matches!  Then to make it more fun, mix in some burpees over the bar.  Kristi jumped over the bar with way more energy than I would have had in her shoes!


As a reward for being in the top 4 teams, they got a bonus workout.  I don't know about you all, but I think a nice cold beer = reward.  Not so much ANOTHER workout!!!  This one was tough too!!  Toes to bar, heavy dumbbell snatch, and then hold that same heavy dumbbell over your head with one arm and do lunges.  I was exhausted just from watching, but so proud of Kristi.  This was a tough competition with heavy weights, the need for so much endurance, and I know Kristi worked hard to get ready!  It paid off because Kristi and Charles did so great and really pushed each other!  So what was the result...............2nd Place Overall.  Woohoo!!!  Go KRISTI!!!  And Charles...if you read the blog...if not, you should!  Someone tell Charles to read this!  He's in a lot of the pics. :)


In other news, it was National Dog Day.  So here we are with our dogs.  


I hope everyone has a safe and awesome Labor Day!  Until next week...when we come at you LIVE BLOGGING from Florida.  Cheers friends!


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