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No Wine and Dine, No Tacos and Helping a fellow Reader.


When the week began Leslie, Kristi and myself noticed a gaping hole in our schedules! We had NOTHING to do on Wednesday night. We play volleyball year round so a free night is always an ace! The 3 of us went to Wine and Dine @ Park Place and had dinner at Gordon Biersch (http://www.gordonbiersch.com). It's a made from scratch American menu and they brew their own beers. 

Apps and steak! 

Apps and steak! 

Dessert to fill the cracks

Dessert to fill the cracks

We didn't meet up again until Friday (separation anxiety) but when we did we hit up happy hour in Westwood at Taco Republic (http://eattacorepublic.com).  It's a cute street-style taco place that has outdoor seating and yard games.  Carla, Kristi's mom, and Billy decided to join us since the weather was crazy nice. No tacos were harmed in this outing but they could have - muerte! 🌮


Next we helped out a fellow reader who shall remain nameless (ahem Liz). She was meeting her sisters in KC for a night out/bachelorette party for her youngest sister. What was the first thing she did? Text this awesome blog and asked for suggestions based on her hotel location.  We were part TripAdvisor and part Yelp all wrapped into one.  Hey what ever happened to Ask Jeeves?? Anyway here is how it all started:

 "Dear unfiltered adventure-er. We are small town folk looking for some big time fun in Kansas City for grace's all-sister soirée. Any suggestions?"

And here's how it all wrapped up: 

 "Had a great time! Thanks unfiltered adventures!!!"

  We really enjoyed "giving back" and knowing all this drinking and dining finally "helped" someone after a mere year and a half. That's how you know it's worth it. Don't hesitate to reach out for recommendations if you're a KC'er or from somewhere else! 





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