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24 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

What do you do with your 24 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have??  Well, we headed to Destin, Florida!  We were a little worried about Hurricane Irma, but we lucked out and she stayed away from us.  We know how fortunate we are and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were not so lucky!  

We gave live blogging a go, but it was really hard!  So here is our fun and pictured filled recap...along with some of our favorite memories!


Why would anyone want to travel with their 24 best friends?  Well, we were celebrating these 2 awesome couples!  Shauna took on the enormous task of coordinating this motley crew to celebrate her and Michael's anniversary (10 years!!!!) and Justin and Janelle's 7 year anniversary.  Fun Fact, a bunch of us originally went to Destin for Justin and Janelle's wedding around this same time in 2010.


We arrived at the house and immediately checked it out...bunk beds in a closet?  Too tight of a squeeze for me.  We'll take the bunk room with queen size beds that feel like shipping containers!


First things, first...let's hit the pool!  That pickle provided hours of entertainment!


The beach is pretty awesome too.  Check out the views and the waves!  


We had a lot of fun playing on the beach.  Justin flew his kites and the rest of us took pics.  Since the double flags were flying...no water fun!

Unfiltered Adventure!

Unfiltered Adventure!

Kite time!

Kite time!

Boy pics...with a few lady crashers!

Boy pics...with a few lady crashers!



Girl pic...with a few dude crashers!

Girl pic...with a few dude crashers!

We managed to find a few drinks and walk to our local favorite spot for Hurricanes...The Whales Tail!


One day we took some pontoon boats out to Crab Island.  It is actually not an island, but it used to be.  It is now a shallow area where people drop anchor and have a blast!!!  We sure did!

Not the boat we took, but an awesome pirate ship!!!

Not the boat we took, but an awesome pirate ship!!!

THIS Is our pontoon tie up.  

THIS Is our pontoon tie up.  

We found time to have a few drinks along the way...


Hurricane Irma finally arrived and only brought us rain...so we played games and found some new long sleeve tees to help us remember what to do if we ever really do need to evacuate!


Time to head home...Leslie was failing!!


Now time for some of our rose and thorn moments.  Some of you may know this game as peak and pit from Keeping up with the Khardashians...we picked our favorite and least favorite thing from the trips.  Roses were hard to narrow to just one and Thorns were hard to find!

Leslie-When Nellie slapped the floor and threw her booty in the air while dancing!
Stephanie-The game night when everyone was laughing so hard they were crying and hugging in celebration!
Kristi-Crab island day because everyone was so happy and hanging out together having a blast!
Andrea-The night that Leslie got a little too drunk and tried to drink out of 2 solo cups stacked on top of each other.  The bottom was filled with water and she just kept dumping it on her self...thinking it was wine...
Billy-His first taste of The Whales Tail Hurricane.  Turns out, that is his new favorite drink!  I see an Island Oasis Drink Machine in their future!!!

Leslie-traveling hungover...that is no fun!
Stephanie-Waking up in her shipping container bunk being worried she was being human trafficked!
Kristi-No chorizo!
Andrea-Beach day lost to rain
Billy-We could have used one more bathroom on the main floor for the bunk kids.

Other fun memories:
Cody tried to smother new Steve with a pillow
Claire slept in the driveway waiting for her uber
Watching Rocky as a group
Steph's "interesting" sunburn on her back

Recovery Weekend?

The Ocean is Closed