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The recent warm weather prompted some Saturday exploring in the Historic West Bottoms Business District in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The shops and storefronts lining the streets are all unique and inviting.  The architecture adorning the streets is full of character.  Amongst the intrigue there is a sign only a fool could resist. 

Obviously we followed the arrow

Obviously we followed the arrow

Our next stop was a large, heavy door made of the finest mahogany embellished with two perfectly placed axes just daring you to venture inside.  We took a gamble, we had to see what was on the other side.


Once on the other side of the door we received a warm Lumberjack welcome into Blade & Timber, home to Urban Axe Throwing.  This place is great!  Simply take a few minutes to sign a waiver, which is equally responsible and alarming considering there are axes flying through the air.  Seems fun, sign us up!


Let the games begin!  We were escorted to our lane by a nice fella dressed in a sensible blue plaid flannel.  Similar to the ones shown here. He gave us some instructions which basically stated we should hold the handle (not the blade), throw the axe over our heads,  don't aim axes at humans, and be sure to wear closed toe shoes.  Got it.


Our view for the next hour and a half. Some of us may have missed the target more than others.  Hense the photo below.

So much flannel

So much flannel

Blade and Timber is Kansas City's Urban Axe Throwing Club. They are passionate about pursuing extraordinary experiences and sharing life with one another. The unique axe throwing experience is fun and casual. Whether you are looking to pick up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or simply find a reason to hang out with some of your favorite friends, this is the right place to enjoy an unforgettable experience.


There are cards placed at each lane with different games to play.  The variety of the games kept things interesting. 


We had a blast, everyone should check this place out.  According to Blade & Timber, Axe Throwing is a perfect way to celebrate special occasions, organize team building events, have fun with your friends and family, or meet new people through their open play and leagues.  You read that correctly, they now have Axe Throwing Leagues Monday nights and Thursday nights. 

All that axe throwing made us thirsty.  Next stop Siri told us to venture down an alley a couple of blocks away, just past the man wearing a hazmat mask.  Siri is such a jokester.   At last, our destination!


All aboard, The Ship.  We walked the plank to a cozy bar known for the décor, exotic snacks, and their embrace of diversity.  We knew we were in the right place.  There was not live music at 3 pm that Saturday but we hear once the sun goes down it is a different story.  We will be back to experience all The Ship has to offer. 


Cheers to another great adventure.  You never know what could be next?  Flamethrowers?  Snipe hunting?  Gator wresteling?  Just keep reading, there is literally no telling what adventure we will find ourselves in next. 


50 Seasons and 40 Years

$33 make ya holla

$33 make ya holla