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Kristi headed off to compete in a CrossFit competition last weekend, so Andrea, Steph and I held down the fort in KC with some adventures of our own. Andrea’s boss gave her tickets to one of the last Royals games of the season so we were pumped to go. It was really chilly (note: Steph’s beanie!), but we were happy to be there. The Royals were one of the worst teams in baseball this season (rebuilding year), so they are definitely not playing in October.


Thank you to Rick Oddo for our amazing seats! The view was great, but the game sucked. I think we were made for Diamond Club!


As noted, the Royals are not good…so we enjoyed lots of laughs at the game to entertain ourselves throughout the loss.


Saturday morning started off in the best possible way. Mimosa!!! Notice the tiny OJ…this was after making 6 mimosas. We like our champagne with a splash…just enough to change the color a bit.


Next stop on our Saturday Fun-Day…Westport Oktoberfest. Probst! You can also say Zum Wohl which means “To your health”. Other important Oktoberfest phrases that we should have memorized before going, but didn’t and one of the most important: ‘Ein Bier, bitte!’  It means, “A beer, please!” Feel free to use those gems if you attend an Oktoberfest of your own!


Mimosas and giant beers are a good way to start the day, but we decided it was time for some actual food. We didn’t want to be passing out in the middle of Westport! We headed to McCoy’s for some wings (Steph’s favorite dry rub wings) and mac and cheese (one of my favorite mac and cheese’s in town) and more biers of course…when at Oktoberfest!


We followed up lunch with checking out all that Oktoberfest had to offer. Giant beers-check, playing bags-check, checking out the local vendors-check, and of course doing the chicken dance with the polka band in the middle of the street-CHECK!


Out of beer and time for the Texas vs K State game…on to the Westport Ale House to watch. Tons of tv’s and a fun atmosphere make this a great place to check out the game. The Texas victory also ensured that I had a great time!


Oh and I forgot….we took photos in an old phone booth and found a giant blow up pretzel. Oh, Oktoberfest! Such a great time!




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