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Last weekend was one 2 years in the making. Saturday was literally one of the best days of the year. We were lucky enough to get invited to 2 different events. We started off by going to our 3rd Octoberfest celebration of the month. My sister’s company had an true German Octoberfest that featured a crazy good German band/pretzel necklaces/German pun buttons/brats/pretzels/open bar and pool seating! We visited our more senior friends, took a couple photos and then headed for the home of the Missouri State Fair (psssst it’s Sedalia, MO).


With memories of 2 years ago fresh in our minds we were pumped to be invited back to help raise money for wealthy catholic kids. 😉 Every year is a theme and people actually get into it. This year’s theme was Saturday Night Live so imagine the possibilities! 

We’ve known what we were going to be since the day we got the invite (literally) so we were pretty pumped the day was finally here! We got to Liz and Tom’s house at 2:00 and began to morph into a better more mom version of ourselves.  Check us out: 


We didn’t win anything at the auction...except best dressed! We made new friends, got invited out to a bar that is not the name we were telling people to meet us at and had the time of our lives!!! Here’s some more eye candy:

Oh hello

Oh hello


You’re welcome


Crushing it

Things are going down hill

Things are going down hill



Liz and Tom, thanks for hosting as always and we can’t wait to do it again next year! I promise we will not bring shoes that need taped together but we will be bringing our dance moves/trash can high kicks!


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