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Alex Gordon Made Us Do It

Unfiltered Adventure pulled of a super secret surprise birthday party for Cody last weekend. We tricked him into participating in a chili cookoff and snuck in a cake and a Yeti cooler toting some cold brews. Clearly Cody loves surprises.  


Although inviting Cody to participate in our chili cookoff lured him to his surprise party, it also required we bring our A game. Photoed below Cody smoked a ball of beef wrapped in bacon over his pot of chili. Seriously?!? Mariah was invited back this year to redeem her chili fail from last year. Turns out she also made a smoked bacon chili...it was delicious but then we sampled Cody’s smoky bacon chili that included smoked bacon, smoked beef, smoked meat juices, and smoked chili. Turns out we are all into that kind of deliciousness. 


Six different chilis. We didn’t conclude a winner because our tummies were full from the tasting and we got into the wine.  

Everyone is a winner, just like little league.  


I went rouge and made a white chili borrowed by Betty Jo Gardner. Checkout the recipe below if you enjoy eating foods that make you say yum.  


Fast forward to Sunday, we casually invited ourselves to Cody’s house to sit on the worlds largest sectional couch before heading to Arrowhead Stadium to tailgate. Cody is the king of tailgating, he smoked some ribs and we crushed them. Yay for Cody! 


One of our favorite readers, Carla hooked UA up with her legit KC Chiefs tickets. We made friends and held a photo shoot wearing one of their hats with a yarn beard. It was as if Raggedy Ann grew a beard. 


Not sure if you heard but the Chiefs are pretty awesome this season. Thank you Patrick Mahomes


Such an awesome game that ended with a victory. Sorry about it Bengals




Halloween 2018

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