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Lake time!

Last weekend we invited ourselves out to our loyal reader and Kristi’s mama’s house. Thanks Carla!! It just so happens to be on a gorgeous local lake.  


Fire pit and the biggest bottle of wine kicked off the weekend get away. Seriously, this thing is about 8 bottles in 1!


Thank goodness we brought some muscle to help open it. After some decanting, we were ready to taste. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised! If you find yourself at Costco and in need of a giant bottle of wine, this one was a crowd pleaser!


Sunday was a Chiefs away game, so we stayed warm and dry and cheered them on from the lake. Barley was game day ready as soon as she woke up!


The rest of us needed some spirit. :) We got game ready with some Bloody Mary’s made with a mix that I picked up in Colorado. Tommyknockers Pikes Pepper delivers on pepper flavor! It hits you in the face up front, but grows on you and ended up being delicious. Stay tuned for a Colorado recap from Bobby and my trip next week. (Shameless plug)


Time to cheer on the Chiefs to another victory. Steph was all in! 


It was hard to leave this view, but the real world was calling. One of these days, we will be able to retire and just be UA bloggers full time. We only need to up our readers by a few million....so tell your friends!  


Cheers friends!


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