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Well guys-this post will be short and sweet. Our plans to see the one and only Justin Timberlake were foiled by bruised vocal cords! I’m sure Jonah Hill would be a fantastic replacement, but instead we will wait until March. So stay tuned for that next year!


Justin can’t speak, but he’s got jokes


Despite the disappointment of no concert on Monday, Steph and Kristi managed to do some good on Friday night. Each year, a group of "competitive athletes” from the beer softball league in town jump on a party bus, hit up Target to get presents for kids in need, and then head out to several local bars for some fun.

There is probably no better site than a bunch of people in Christmas Sweaters running through Target shopping for kids gifts. The other shoppers got quite the treat!

Most pictures are best left to snapchat, but this remnant is a good one. You know it is a fun party when you come home with Tequila! Steph also ended up with a full bottle of Crown Royal that she generously shared with the rest of the bus passengers.

Only a few rules on a party bus…and really good rules for life.

  1. Don’t Break a Window

  2. Don’t lick the stripper pole

  3. Don’t throw up in the bus

Note: If you haven’t had Pez in awhile, it’s delicious!

Andrea was feeling a bit under the weather, so Kristi, Steph and I met up without her at Martin City Brewery for some beers, laughs, and high fives. They’re free all day long!


I hope everyone has a great weekend…we will be back with more adventures next week!


W is for Wine