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Raindrops on roses...

And Whiskers on Kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things...

You know you sang it!  We are bringing you some favorite things in this post.  


Last week was pretty low key...we did a Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairing with One Hope Wines on Friday.  One Hope wines are pretty awesome-they give back to TONS of causes.  So you can feel charitable while you drink a bottle.  They also have great gift packages!

First up the Shortbread Cookies with a little bubbly.  I forget how much I like these cookies!  Maybe cookies should be one of my favorite things?!?!?!  

Second tasting was Lemonades and Pinot Grigio-turns out this is also a delicious combo!  

A debate ensued on whether the 3rd cookies was a Samoa or Carmel DeLites!  There must be a borderline that determines what the Girl Scout near you gets.  Steph was team Samoa and I'm team Caramel DeLites.  This was paired with Pinot Noir.  

Probably my favorite pairing was the Cabernet with the Thin Mints.  The Cab was definitely my favorite One Hope Wine.  It has a bolder flavor that went well with the Thin Mint.  I may have had more than one glass of the cabernet!

Thanks Hunter's Point Apartments for putting on fun resident activities that friends and family can attend too!

Disclaimer: This is from The Sound of Music website...it is their image...I take no credit for it.  This is really a pic of Julie Andrews and not a reenactment or personal image.  

Disclaimer: This is from The Sound of Music website...it is their image...I take no credit for it.  This is really a pic of Julie Andrews and not a reenactment or personal image.  

Now it's time for some of our favorite things...aka things we are LOVING right now.  Note: we don't get paid for any of these.  They are just things we like and want to share with you!

Kristi and Andrea are all about the beauty products!  Here are the things they are loving:


Kristi has been using a Vitamin A serum from Vivant Skin Care nightly for about 5 months and loves how it makes her skin feel.  It feels smoother and looks brighter...and if it just so happens to reduce fine lines, who am I to argue with that!  

Collagen: I used to try and drink bone broth to get a collagen fix but now I've upped my game and have been using Vital Proteins collagen mixed in with my bone broth.  I've just started trying to do this daily and hope my hair, skin, and nails will soon show signs of improvement.  I'll have to give you an update once I've used it for a few months! -Kristi  Fun Facts: Collagen helps with all kinds of things-As we get older, our body produces less collagen as we expose it to UV radiation and other environmental factors.  Collagen helps with joints, nails, hair, wrinkles/aging....so many benefits!  I can't wait for Kristi's updates.

Andrea has been using Wander Beauty, cruelty free make up products sold directly from their website but also via Nordstrom and Sephora. She's loving the Dual Concealer and On the Glow Bronzer. The Concealer is lightweight and doesn’t crease or cake on. The Bronzer has an illuminator opposite the bronzer, which is very convenient having it all in one. Both products are very easy to use and I really like the color and coverage they offer. 


Jergens natural glow wet Skin moisturizer. From Andrea: I’m bad about using lotion which is why I decided to give this a try. There is no excuse to skip moisturizing now, I simply apply it on my wet skin right after showering. Then dry off and go! Plus it has a tint to it which gives a little color to my super white, pasty legs. 

Last, but not least Andrea is using Tinted elta MD Skincare UV Daily broad-spectrum Sunscreen.  It is dermatologist recommended and available on Amazon! It is lightweight, not greasy, wont clog pores, and it covers like a CC Cream. Perfect protection, the zinc blocks harmful rays without forcing me to walk around with a bright white zinc sunblock nose! Am I right???? -Andrea

Services we are loving:

Amazon Prime: I went ahead and upgraded during the holiday season.  I love the ease of one click purchases...sometimes I even surprise myself with gifts that Wine Drinking Leslie bought me!  Kristi ordered a few items earlier this week and not only was everything delivered within 2 days but a few items were delivered SAME DAY for FREE before I got home from work - crazy.  You can even use your Prime membership to get those beauty products that the girls are loving!!

Blue Apron and Hello Fresh: Andrea and I both use these meal deliveries.  You get 3 meals for 2 people for about $60/week.  Both let you choose from 8 or so options.  I do both of them right now and just pick which menu looks better each week.  I love that I have healthy and whole foods delivered to my door.  It makes meal planning a breeze and let's me mix it up.  If you want to try these, comment/email/Facebook message me and I'll send you a free week.

Let's end on some warm fuzzies...courtesy of Steph!

I’m loving my dog right now.  He’s so happy after being riddled with cancer for a little while now.  He’s like a young pup all over again and he’s putting a smile on my face that has been missing for some time!  Um-okay...tears on this one and we are all LOVING this!

I’m loving that UA is looking to book a true adventure trip for this summer.  Hopefully it all works out but what a post it’ll be!!  Stay tuned!

I’m loving that my family is in a better place right now.  My sister is in a job she actually enjoys (sans the weekends) and my mom just accepted a job closer to KC! Whoop!  Go Susan and Mariah.  So happy that Mariah is enjoying her job and that Susan will be able to work closer to everyone!

Have a great week!


I Didn’t Get My Baked Potato