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Half Crazy

My friend Jenna came to visit for another race. I’m not sure whose idea it was to run a half marathon, but race day came whether I was ready or not. Regardless of the fact that I definitely did not train very well due to the endless winter, I was excited to run with Jenna! We look so fresh and happy!


The race brought some wind, chilly temps, and a little sleet at the end. It also brought great fans along the way. We had a great time chatting and running! I was so thankful and ready for that post run beer. Martin City Brewing provided a fantastic coffee stout that hit the spot!


After a much needed shower, we met up with the rest of Unfiltered Adventure to try out a new spot called HopCat. Jenna got this Neapolitan beer that was pretty and delicious. We also found a crowd favorite stout called Giddy Goat. Fun name and great tasting! 


HopCat specializes in something called Crack Fries. I was skeptical, but holy cow...they are amazing!! Dip them in cheese sauce or their house made ranch or just shove them in your mouth by the handful. 


Saturday night took us to a familiar spot-Johnny’s Tavern to check out a band. The band wasn’t good, but the beers were cold and so was KC. Snow arrived, but we continued to party! What better way to recover than Bloody Marys? With bacon of course!


Bloody’s for breakfast...sushi for lunch...now ready for shopping! We conquered Lulu and got all of the goods at Trader Joe’s.  No pics of those goods. Must hide the evidence!


Jenna will have to come back again when there is no snow! So much more fun to have in KC. 

Cheers friends! 



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