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Cindo de Rodeo Derby!

Cindo de Rodeo Derby!

Saturday we were faced with a tri-fecta of festivities!  Instead of being asked “who are you wearing” we would be asked “what are you wearing”. Trying to put together a rodeo/Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo outfit proved to be challenging but it all worked out in the end. Let’s Taco about it shall we?


The 2018 Saddle and Sirloin Ranch Rodeo started promptly at high noon...or 2:00. The events to take place were Stray Gathering, Team Penning, Trailer Loading and the crowd favorite, Wild Cow Milking. Yes you read that last part right. It all started so fast with The Posse performing a routine to choreographed music. They did a brilliant job and truly set the scene!

12 teams of 4 came from all over Kansas to compete in this cut-throat rodeo. Stray gathering was up first and 2 steers have to be head and healed, with 3 legs crossed and tied. This was basically Cops for cowboys...whatya gonna do! Team Pinning was next and a random number was called out to designate which three cattle of the entire bunch they had to heard into a pin without any other crossing a line of chalk! This was basically getting into a bar on ladies night...all the guys must stay in line and not enter until they’re called. The third event was Trailer Loading and this is exactly what it sounds like: rope a calf/get it into the trailer/get the rope off and get out of the trailer for time. This is also knows as getting random drunk girls to hurry up and pee in a bar restroom when there’s a long line! The finale was Wild Cow Milking. This one is harder to explain but basically you have to rope a cow and hold it steady enough for another cowboy to “milk” it into a beer bottle and then sprint to a chalk circle in the middle of the arena where a horseback judge is waiting. There must be milk in the bottle or it doesn’t count! This most closely resembles a mugging that went wrong and everyone is a little banged up the next day.


Once the rodeo wrapped up we went inside the clubhouse to watch the running of the 144th Kentucky Derby. We all had our favorites picked but when all was said and done the actual favorite, Justify, took the roses. After the most exciting 2 minutes in sports it was finally Cinco de Mayo time! Ay ay ay!!


What happened next was nothing short of a typical Unfiltered Adventure night. Without being too wordy we ate/drank/danced/joined the cowboy table/danced with said cowboys (Hey AJ!)/watched the cowboys join the band and ended up in a hot tub (hey neighbors). Such a strange night but we couldn’t be more thankful for Bill and Maureen’s invite to share this gorgeous day with them!



- Steph

An engaging time!

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