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It’s Leslie’s Birthday!!

It’s Leslie’s Birthday!!


Birthday season is 3/4ths of the way over after this weekend. We started out at our very first blog post location: Louie’s Wine Dive for HH and stayed through dinner like champs! Thanks to everyone who came out. 


Saturday after Leslie and myself failed at Corporate Challenge flag football (we found a working pay phone and it only costs $1 to call Mexico for 5 minutes! Andrea/Michele you’re welcome) was a day of getting the pool ready for the many guests to come this summer at Andrea and Billy’s.  The water was super cloudy so we did our best to clear it up for the season and celebrate Les’s birthday simolutaniously. Luckily glamour shots ensued along with a wing off and a new watermelon, ginger mule that is ah-mule-zing! 


Don’t worry everyone Lacey promised me we’d go back to Mexico on 6/19/20 after 3 of us randomly used her and Corey’s wedding coozies at the same time. It was a sign and i’m glad she recognized it too! Sounds like Leslie's Bday/Lacey & Corey’s 5 year anniversary are all set so start hoarding vacation days now!!!


Summer is here yo, get your grove on and Happy Birthday Les is More!!!!

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