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Billy Bob Jr.

Last weekend was dedicated to celebrating Billy's birthday.  There was pool time, grilling and some gift giving.  Cody brought frozen watermelon and he was the most popular guest until Sullivan and Porter stole the show while syncronized swimming.   

White Wine in the daytime 

White Wine in the daytime 

Saturday was a great pool day with lots of sunshine.  Sunday was cloudy and we even got some rain.  That didn't stop us, we moved inside to wear sweatshirts, watch soccer and eat snacks.  Once the rain passed through it was time to cannonball the rest of the afternoon away! 

Oh hey there ladies...

Oh hey there ladies...

Remember the grilling I mentioned earlier?  Billy wanted to grill steaks for his birthday, a win for us all!  The steaks were tender and delicious.  The garlic butter we topped the steaks with was amazing.  Garlic + Butter = Happiness. Well happiness for everyone excluding Steph...sorry Steph. 

Someone got a case of the meatsweats 

Someone got a case of the meatsweats 

Rylee was pouting per usual.  That grumpy face is so stinking cute! 

Thank you  Blue Table Design  for keeping our beers chilled 

Thank you Blue Table Design for keeping our beers chilled 

Not only does Blue Table Design have awesome koozies but you should checkout the full site for all of your website and graphic design needs.  They are even adding drone photography and video soon.  Check 'em out and tell them UA send you!


Kristi and Steph bought Boulevard Brewing Company’s latest beer, Bou Lou for Billy’s gift. Bou Lou is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed with pineapple and coconut.  It is delicious! Checkout the Official Release video from Boulevard and TECH N9ne. 

Bou Lou is available in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans at stores in Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita, Denver and Springfield, Mo.

Fingers crossed the beer sells well, rumor is Boulevard might consider a larger, wider release if it does. 


Boulevard will brew a full batch of Bou Lou this month. At 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, the beer won't be as potent as the cocktail that inspired it, the Caribou Lou cocktail which calls for 151 proof rum, Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice. Dang, that sounds dangerous.  If you love living dangerously, grab a shaker and a jigger and whip one up.  Remember it is shaken, not stirred.  Cheers!


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