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Random Quiz

3/4 of UA is out on an Adventure this week, so we are bringing you a fun and very random quiz! Fifteen random FACTS that may surprise people. (I can't wait to read yours!)

1. Do you make your bed every morning?
Andrea-I stopped when I realized I would have to move all the decorative pillows in less than 12 hours. I set a goal to start again though, people who make their beds are more productive according to an article I read once. 
Leslie-Only if I'm the last one out of it. 
Steph- Make is a strong word, more like fake a made bed.

2. What's your favorite number? 
Andrea- 34, it was my basketball number back in my baller days.
Kristi- 13
Leslie- 5
Steph- 3

3. What is your dream job?
Andrea- Blogging with my favorite adventurers. 
Kristi- Not having one.  Or at least one with no stress or deadlines!
Leslie- Something that pays me to drink wine and eat delicious food all day!  (and comes with a personal trainer to help keep the lbs off!!) 
Steph- Travel blogger.

4. If you could, would you go back to school?
Andrea- Nope, I have plenty of student loans, thanks for asking though! 
Kristi- Sure
Leslie- Maybe-if it was free!
Steph- I could, and no thank you!

5. Can you parallel park?
Andrea- Nope. 


Kristi- Sometimes
Leslie- Yes-probably better than I can regular park.
Steph- I could win a parallel parking competition.

6. Name a job you had which people would be surprised to know about you! 
Andrea- My first job was selling fireworks at Crazy Debbie’s, primary job duties included: sweeping a gravel sidewalk, counting faulty firecrackers, and paying Debbie cash at the end of each shift  resulting from the revenue loss I created by typing in the wrong prices. 
Kristi- Fireworks salesman.  
Leslie- I think most people know this, but if you don't-I was a hawker for the Amarillo Dillas.  Our mascot was an armadillo in a baseball uniform and I got fired at 15 because my shorts were too short!
Steph-I was a maintenance person at a beef packing plant and had to wear a hard hat, ear plugs and rubber boots every day.  I had to bag tails each morning and one time the “gut room” backed up and they asked for volunteers to go into the vat to unclog and that’s when I walked out.

7. Do you think aliens are real? 
Andrea- Men are from Mars right??? 
Kristi- um, yeah!  How else do you explain Area 51?
Leslie- Yes, I definitely do!
Steph- For sure!

8. Can you drive a stick shift? 
Andrea- Nope
Kristi- Not well enough for the roadways!
Leslie- Only if you don't care about it and want me to grind gears!  Otherwise-no way!
Steph- Yes, one of my first cars was a stick.

9. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Andrea- Wine, reality TV, and lounging in basketball shorts
Kristi- Unfortunately, sweets!
Leslie- Reality tv, gameshows (I recently figured out that I get sucked in immediately and become invested in the contestants success!), ramen noodles, and Taco Bell.  I could NOT pick just one!
Steph- True crime shows/podcasts.

10. What's your dream car?
Andrea- Don’t care what kind of car but a chauffeur would be a dream come true (one that can parallel park would be preferred) 
Kristi-57 Chevy, 2 door hard top, mint green
Leslie- One where someone else drives me around all the time!
Steph- I’m not big into cars if you’re being specific but I wouldn’t mind a black Ferrari LaFerrari Spider.

11. Do you talk to yourself? 
Andrea- Yes, I find myself quite interesting. 
Kristi- Not that I know of
Leslie- Not out loud.
Steph- Sometimes but not really.

12. Do you like doing puzzles? 
Andrea- I would need to give it a shot before taking a stance. 
Kristi- Yes
Leslie- I like crosswords and puzzles like that, but not the 1 million piece puzzles.
Steph- Uh, did you ever meet my Nana or live with me in college?!?!?  I mean it was wild times!

13. Favorite Music?
Andrea- Beyonce, Yonce, Sascha Fierce, Bey....
Kristi- Top 40s and some country
Leslie- I like almost anything!  It just depends on my mood.
Steph- Any songs I know the words to so I can sing along. (side note here: Steph will sing along to her favorites in movie theaters!  I can't wait for Mama Mia!)

14. Coffee or tea? 
Andrea- Coffee
Kristi- Tea
Leslie- Both!  I'm from Texas, so I love tea and I drink coffee in the mornings!
Steph- I live in America, so coffee. 

15. First thing you remember you wanted to be growing up? 
Andrea- Sell pottery during the day, stand up comedian by night. 
Kristi- Lightning photographer for National Geographic.  (this still sounds like an awesome job!)
Leslie-Lawyer-until I found out that it is tons of research and not nearly as cool as arguing all day!
Steph- Astronaut

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