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Aruba Ariba!


We can officially check Aruba off our list. This windy island was full of surprises and did not disappoint! Tiny beers,  paper straws, cacti and drivers trying to kill you are just some of the island secrets.  We stayed at a residence called Ruby 40 just a hop, skip and jump away from the beach. We found a local market that magically charged us all $52 for very different items. After dropping off our loot we headed straight for the beach. The palm tree lined white sand beaches were just what we were looking for after a long flight. 


On our drive in we passed a cute surfer bar and restaurant that was the Whale’s Tail of Aruba; Lucy’s. They have a scorpion tequila shot that if you can keep it down you get to write on the beams. This place sat right on the water by a small harbor and we saw a fishing charter bring in a big mahi. They filleted it up right there!  


Our first big adventure of the trip was on the Jolly Pirate ship. It’s a sail, snorkel, swim and swing party (aka booze cruise).  There was a lot of anticipation while waiting on the dock but as soon as we got on it was go time. We got to snorkel an old ship wreck, sit in the bow of the ship, dance and drink all the whisky. Dinner that night was a mystery but i’m sure it was great! 



The next adventure was one that Lucas and Klarisa said was a must do: Kukoo Kunnuku. It’s a party bus tour that would take us to dinner and then to 3 “local” bars. When the colorful bus rolled up at our hotel with the loud music and singing we should have known we were in for a wild night. We took off and went on Aruba’s rollercoaster -we drove as fast as we could around the round-a-bout over and over again!  Armed with maracas we danced, sang and drank out of squirt bottles all night long. One of the bars even let us wear amazing hats while we were there. So much fun!


Adventure #3 was the natural pool UTV off-road adventure. Imagine this, you’re strapped into a big open air, tiger striped, ex military vehicle while your driver is going over the largest boulders and whipping you from side to side, trying to throw you out. It was a Baja race that we were not prepared for whatsoever. It took us all over the island, which turns out to be desert, but the highlights were the natural pools, natural bridge and the lighthouse. The 2 natural pools were unlike anything i’ve ever seen. This unique swimming hole should not be missed if you go and if you’re not too scared of a little rock cimbing you can find a second hidden pool. The crowds can be a bit much but our timing was perfect and we basically had the place to ourselves before it turned into Times Square.


The off-road tour was by far my favorite. A few of us ended up bloody and/or bit by something but it was totally worth it! Other highlights of the trip was visiting Edwardo’s Beach Shack. This healthy little shack provided decadent fruit bowls and smoothies. Just look: 


Overall this One Happy Island was just that....happy, beautiful and full of wonder. With such a great group of friends every day was spent laughing, exploring and making the most out of the time we had there.  A big thanks to Lucas and Klarisa for inviting us to partake in Klarisa’s bday. I’ll let the remaining photos speak for themselves...


Don’t worry we’re already planning our next great adventure!



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