Children of the Corn


I think we can all agree this was the scariest movie of 1984. It still haunts me to this day and I always think of it anytime i’m near a corn field. BUT when you hide tables in it with delicious beer and wine I’m totally down!  So we went to the Liberty Corn Maze event “Sauced and Lost” last weekend and gave it our best shot. We received a map of the maze, a punch card and we were off on a very humid evening. Before finding the first table we found the line and man was it LONG! So we decided to find the second table because all the chumps were bound to be at the first stop. Turns out, nope!  All 6 lines were insanely long.  The event did sell out and i’m guessing attendance was roundly 89,000 people.

Here are some tips and tricks if anyone is headed out there:

- pre drink

- get a walking drink before entering the maze

- bring a flask  

- bring a flashlight/headlamp

- bring bug spray

- don’t drop cups

- play music 

- don’t wear white shoes

- bring neck coozie

Here’s how the evening progressed:


Saturday morning Andrea, Leslie and myself decided to give back to our community and volunteer our time at Cross Line Community Outreach. (Andrea thought there would be doughnuts - there was not). We ended up deep cleaning a place that serves over 200 lunches a day! We took our talents to the kitchen and scrubbed the ovens/racks/walls until we could see our reflections/give up.


After all our generosity the pack got back together at the new Shake Shack on the plaza. We played it pretty basic and ordered the single ShackBurger, Fries and a ShackMeister Ale. Overall pretty good if you haven’t tried it before but it’s because of the ShackSauce and it’s searved on a damn potato roll. The Beer was really good and you can only get it at Shake Shack and is brewed by Brooklyn Brewery. We’ll definitely be back but will be better prepared for fight club...ahem trying to grab a table.