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Ruff Ryders

Today’s post is brought to you by a very special guest blogger. This is his first time blogging so he asked that we give him a break, or as they say in Australia, just give a dog a bone

As noted above I’m a first time blogger, I’m Australian, I’m very interested in cattle, I’m small but mighty, oh and by the way I’m also a dog.

I am Newman.

I literally had the time of my life last weekend.  My mom is so cool. Her name is Steph, you know her because she’s a celebrity. She’s one of the four members of Unfiltered Adventure.  I know, there’s no explanation necessary but here’s a picture of us  partying together.

Can you believe she chose me? 


Last Friday my mom surprised me. She took me to my friends house where I went swimming and running and chasing cats. I thought life was great, then life blew my mind. We loaded up 5 people and 5 dogs and hit the road, turns out I love road trips! 


There was so much room in the Suburban for activities. Look how cute I am with all my friends. I’m so tiny and snuggly, turns out I love snuggling! 


This is a road trip selfie, turns out I love taking selfies! 


Ten hours of napping and we arrived in Georgetown, Colorado. I’m still trying to figure out why we sat in that car for so long. Anyways, checkout our condo, I loved it there. We could stand on the balcony and look at the mountains and the creek. I did a lot of guarding there because I discovered I have a very grown man bark. BOL (Bark Out Loud) turns out I love guarding! 


Here is my pack, I love them all. We are the five best friends that anyone could have. We started calling ourselves the UA Wolfpack. Pretty clever right? Turns out I love my Wolfpack! 


5 beers, 5 dogs and 5 people. Checkout Guenella Pass Brewery, they have an awesome patio and awesome beers. We went there pretty much every single day. Turns out I love Guenella Pass Brewery! 

There is an really cool shop next to the brewery called Mountain Dog Outfitters.  Katy was really nice and gave us lots of pets. She will make custom swag for any dog. She encourages puparazzi and wants us to share photos of us adventuring to social media with the hashtag #mountaindogoutfitters. We could become celebrities too and be featured on her website, Facebook or Instagram! Turns out I love puparazzi! 

Look what Katy made for the UA Wolfpack! We are the envy of dogs everywhere.









It’s me, Newman!

It’s me, Newman!

The Georgetown Loop Railroad was fun for the humans, too bad no dogs were allowed. I want to be mad but I just can’t. These humans give me bones, a toy chicken, and take me for long walks through Georgetown. Turns out I love my humans! 


This is a lumberjack we took everywhere we went but forgot to take photos with him. Well we almost always forgot to take photos, there was one night we remembered. I was not too sure about the lumberjack standing on my head but I went along with it because everyone was laughing and seemed to like it. You could say I’m a bit of a people pleaser. Turns out I love lumberjacks! Just like my mom...wink. 


Can you believe Rylee in this picture? She’s such a diva. The rest of our Wolfpack was laying on the patio while the group ordered infamous Alpine Coffees and Kristi went for a giant beer. If I have to hear about that Alpine Coffee one more time...we get it guys, it’s amazing. My mom loves Alpine Coffee so turns out I love Alpine Coffee! 


We had to say goodbye to our happy place. We had such a fun time barking, wrestling, and bonding with our pack. I like it when I get sleepy and the humans hold me like a little baby. I’m a future mountain dog and I’m counting the days until we go back to Georgetown. 

Turns out I love 5 people and 5 dogs. 



Oktoberfest in September

Beer vs Wine/Royals Game and Doggy Play Date!