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The opposite of the Fyre Festival

So last weekend was unique. We started off with a Girl Scout cookie and wine pairing at Andrea’s place of work, Hunter’s Pointe. All the usuals were there, including building 4, and my sister finally got to see the club house.  We learned Brandon closed on a house so we’ll be going to some of his house parties in the near future....TBD on how many bodies fit in his closets. ;)

Mmmm Cookies!

Mmmm Cookies!

The next day we met up for Lucas’s Birthday at some new, local haunts around Shawnee. Our first stop was Game Changers Sports Bar.  They have a dozen or so old school video games you play all night long for $5! This is where the title of the blog comes into play. If you’ve ever watched Fyre on Netflix this night was the opposite. Did we spend gobs if money and promise the party of the year (nope)? Did we only invite the 1% and sell them a bill of goods (Hell no)! What we did instead (unintentually of course was parlay off a birthday party we had no idea was occurring at the same place and time.....so you’re welcome Lucas! ;) I mean look at this spread we did just for him..


Puffy letters...check! 


Small cupcakes followed by a large cupcake...check! K-state colors......check check!


They may or may not have kicked us out so we moved on to another unknown place, E Sports Bar KC. We ended up bring the only customers so we had our run of the place. We played pool, darts and an unique version of beer pong! We ended up drinking them out of bud light and a particular bottle of tequila (doing shot skis obviously) so the night was a success, albeit random and strange that it won’t soon be forgotten.  Happy Burthday Lucas! 



Remember that one time...

Brief Reprieve