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Remember that one time...

Remember that one time when it wasn’t snowpocalypse every day and UA went to the Dominican Republic to crash a wedding? Hey Ashley!! Don’t mind us!


It was also the time we tried live blogging. Aka-trying to remember the day before after a fun filled day at an all inclusive.

Since that was 3 years ago this week and since we have been snowed in from adventure, we are doing a throwback post! Hopefully with some more details than the original posts.


It all started here….with this one sentence post recapping our travel day. The day started very early and we were very disappointed that KCI doesn’t serve alcohol until 6am. Never fear-we made due and had drinks on the plane and at our layover…because vacation!

On our plane to DR, we made friends with those around us (no really-they liked us!), but not with the flight attendant. Karen hated us. Hence the now famous, “Justin Bieber’s mom doesn't like Karen & she likes everyone.”   We thought this was very clever and funny at the time…because vacation.

We finally arrived at the hotel, but the joke was on us. Our room was super hard to find. Even the workers didn’t know…so we wandered around and eventually found the best room ever! It was huge-2 large bedrooms, a jacuzzi, kitchen, and full bar…with full bottles of liquor. Probably one of the nicest rooms that I have stayed.

Of course we immediately headed to the beach to put our toes in the sand. I wish this was my current situation now!

Day 2 started off strong. We did a workout on the beach and then hit the pool. This place had tons of pools, so it was not hard to find one that was perfect. Fruity drinks and friends…what more could you ask for?? Kristi did a great recap of this day…check it out here.


After fun in the sun and getting to know the wedding crew, we hit the club that night for some dancing. Day 3 was wedding day. Kristi’s friend from college, Ashley, married her beau Brian in a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Kristi could only take one guest, so we did rock, paper, scissors and Steph got to go. Don’t worry…Andrea and I also attended-incognito! This was also the day that we found the nude beach…thank goodness it was a different beach from the wedding!


Day 5 was the most epic day ever! We decided to go on a pool crawl because the resort had so many. It started off pretty casual. Just fruity drinks, soaking up sun, hanging out….


Then we found…wait for it, a FOAM PARTY! Now, the hype game was very strong for this party. We arrived at the somewhat lame pool at the time and decided to just have one drink and move on. Then the DJ came and started with teasers of an event in the next hour. So we stuck around. What else were we going to do? It was worth it! We had a blast dancing to music in the foam pool party.


For our last day, we spent most of it at the adult pool called Eden. There were swings, champagne floaters and of course lots of dancing. Th


This contest was hilarious! Each lady got to strut her stuff and show off dance moves. The woman who won was probably 60 and WORKED it!


Leaving paradise always sucks…even 3 years later! I can’t wait to be on a jet plane heading somewhere fun again soon.


Until next time friends! Cheers!


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