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As the Crow Flies


Saturday, we decided it would be a good idea to start drinking promptly at 11:00 and checked out Red Crow Brewing Company at Santa Fe and K7.  They don’t actually want you to find it so they opted out of putting any signs up but we prevailed anyway and walked into what looked like an old automotive shop. It’s a family owned microbrewery that is industrial looking. They didn’t have a lot of their own beers on tap but that didn’t matter and we decided on the american wheat named Donna. She is a little different.....mysterious and laid back (just like us)!


The patio is on the smaller side but they have a rotation of food trucks and board games to keep you entertained as you sip their delicious beer! 


We didn’t see each other again until Wednesday.....WEDNESDAY! No worries everyone we still likes each other and looked the same. In case you didn’t know we like to Tour and do so every chance we can! No we aren’t cyclists, we do beer tours (naturally). The Cinco de Mayo mini tour started at Old Chicago and we always go to the kick off party, because why wouldn’t we, to play games and try to win prizes. 


Leslie ended up “getting” a Mexican blanket bottle warmer(?) that was super cute and Mariah and I didn’t win the cactus ring toss game. 


Buuuuutttttt we did get our photos taken with these sweet cardboard cutouts!  


Happy Friday everyone and if you can now follow us on Instagram at unfilteredadventurekc. 

- Steph

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