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Stick to what we’re good at

Friday night started off with an impromptu BBQ at Andrea and Billy’s-coordinated by Billy. Whoop! Good work! We grabbed some drinks and sides and Billy grilled up some delicious burgers!


We had a giant fire and even the dogs got in on the fun. We all partied until we were as tired as our worn out pups before calling it a night.


Saturday morning was an opportunity for Steph and I to show off our amazing athletic skills with some Corporate Challenge Flag Football. With a team like this-how could we not be champions?

There were only one or two rules. One of which was that you couldn’t wear pants with pockets. Obviously, I’m a rebel and borrowed Bobby’s cargo shorts for the occasion. Yes-that is my tough face. I know - the opponents were terrified!


I must not be as intimidating as originally thought because we lost our first game and headed out to the parking lot to do what we are best at. Drink beer! Steph and Heather definitely intimidated the parking lot tailgaters though!


After our exhausting one game of flag football and parking lot jokes and drinks with the team, we headed to Barley’s to drown our sorrows.


Luckily, even when we lose, we win because we have a blast! Until next time friends!



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