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Who's up for some wild cow milking?

The recaps from our amazing trip to St Lucia and Andrea’s mission trip to Puerto Rico are coming…they take a little more time to put together. In the meantime, we came back from beaches and headed to the annual Saddle and Sirloin Ranch Rodeo.


Last year was the first year that UA attended. We were quite shocked to learn what wild cow milking entailed. Note: it is a team of 4 cowboys-1 ropes cow, 1 holds tail, 1 holds head, other milks cow. You do NOT want to hold the tail!! This year, we were a lot more prepared. We even dressed more like cowgirls this year.


Wild Cow Milking is still just as shocking, but this year the best part was the escaping cows! They kept jumping over the fence in the arena. Can you blame them?


After the rodeo, we headed to the club house to watch the derby and then delicious bbq and some dancing.


For a brief moment, Andrea reveled in her victory, but much like Maximum Security-it was quickly snatched away!


Our friends from last year were back again (hey AJ!), so everyone jumped on the dance floor for some two stepping. Bill and Maureen usually steal the show, but this year-Andrea’s niece and nephew were the stars!


Sunday was Cinco de Mayo…aka the day Americans drink cervezas and pretend to speak Spanish! Taco and Sombrero Hats are a must!


Travel recaps coming soon…until then, enjoy this picture of the Pitons in St Lucia.



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