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We’re here for the birthday party & wedding celebration!


So Billy decided to live another year.  He grilled us up the best wings he has ever made (beware wing-off contestants) and then 3 delicious kinds of burgers. Cupcakes were provided by Maureen herself! We  filled our bellies with so much food and delicious wine, it was a successful Friday night celebrating Billy!


Leslie and Porter decided to do a photo shoot as well:


Saturday we celebrated Krystal and Steve’s wedding. We weren’t able to travel to the ceremony but we wouldn’t miss their gathering once they got back in town! It was great to see all their photos and it looked like a gorgeous ceremony. Congrats to the happy new couple!!! Did we get a picture of them? Nope but we snagged a picture of most of the girls at the party. :)


We hope everyone has an amazing weekend ahead!!

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