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Chaundra's Chipday


This is Chaundra. Chaundra lives in LA. Chaundra came to visit for her 40th birthday. Chaundra loves chips. So naturally, we celebrated with a chip filled pool party!!

We started the birthday weekend at one of our favorite spots - Boulevard Brewery’s Beer Hall. Some of us tried the seasonal Hefeweizen Wheat Ale for the first time and I can say I’m a big fan!! If you visit with a large group I also can't recommend the large meat & cheese board enough. It was delicious!

We didn’t get a chance to check out the new Rec Deck which is the rooftop deck offering deck and tabletop shuffleboard (and even shuffleboard leagues) with downtown views. I guess we’ll just have to go back again soon!


Saturday morning started with some delicious Bloody Mary's made by the hostess with the mostest, Andrea! While drinking our Bloody Mary's, we tried to distract Chaundra from the in pour of chips being hauled into the backyard. Years and years ago, I was on a float trip with Chaundra when I learned of her love for chips. At the time, Doritos Salsa Verde were her favorite, but hard to find. I'll never forget her excitement when I came back with a bag from the local gas station!!


We managed to sneak in about 15 bags of chips before she caught on. I've never seen someone so happy! We love you Chaundra and your love of chips!! Per usual, we didn't have any fun at the pool!!


After the pool fun, we were fortunate enough to head to Extra Virgin for a beautiful birthday dinner. Michael and Nancy Smith set us up in the private room at Michael Smith - probably so that we didn’t bother their other tables at Extra Virgin that night! We were able to order off the regular Extra Virgin menu and ate all the delicious things. Michael even came over to personally wish Chaundra a Happy Birthday! Thanks so much to him and Nancy for the hospitality!!


Chaundra - we hope you had the best birthday and we miss you lots. Thanks for letting UA celebrate you and we can't wait to come visit you in LA!

Happy Birthday Chaundra!!


Better Late Than Never

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